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New Music Friday September 7th: New Must Listens!


We have new music that we want to share with you that we are so excited about!

What better way to kick off the weekend than to listen to some new music?!

Take a listen to some of our favorites from the week and let us know what you think!

The first song we have is REMEDY by Alesso.  Alesso has been out of the EDM world for a little bit, but he’s making his comeback with this song. It’s interesting that the focus on this song isn’t heavy on the typical EDM sound, but more so on the vocals. Conor Maynard does the vocals on this song and we think he was the perfect choice for this. Conor’s voice has so much passion behind it that you believe every word he says. The lyrics are pretty straight forward talking about being heart broken and while life around him seems to fall apart, he doesn’t realize how broken he was until he found his missing piece (the girl). It is also great production decision to make the sound bigger and brighter as soon as he says the lyrics “that you are the remedy.” It gives you that mental picture of just walking down the street in the same old routine and then as soon as you find that missing piece your world becomes brighter.

The  next song we have is Plum by Troye Sivan. I have two favorite songs off of Troye’s new album “Bloom” which is this song and “Lucky Strike.” The songs are complete opposites “Plum” is a breakup song where as “Lucky Strike” is a love song, but you can’t help but to be instantly hooked by both songs. Let’s talk about “Plum” first. Okay so only Troye can create a breakup track that is hidden behind the most upbeat and catchy lyrics. He uses these different metaphors throughout the songs like different seasons and different fruits and we find it so creative to use that in the context of a relationship. He talks about that the idea of something can only last so long. He takes the topic of a breakup, which is normally depressing and captures his audience with this bright and rhythmic melody. It makes you think like maybe it’s not so bad after all and things just happen. The song “Lucky Strike” is a bit slower, but still has great production and a great beat. It’s that love song that you would probably hear in a rom-com. Lucky strike drags more emotion out of him and he also shows a lot of imagery in the song.

Up next is How Does It Feel by M-22! As soon as the song starts, we were instantly captivated by the vocals. You get that classic house beat and energy with a little twist. You have the keyboard at the beginning that are backed by the powerful vocals. The lyrics are empowering, positive, and uplifting about taking back your life and having full control. The production behind this song clearly captures every detail of her soulful voice to create that feel good uplifting song that is relevant in the world of music today.

Next is All I Am by Jess Glynne. Jess Glynne is an artist that we feel is so underrated. Her voice is so different than anyone else’s and as soon as you hear it you instantly know it’s Jess Glynne singing. She released “I’ll Be There” and then this song is such a great follow up to that. She keeps things going with another feel good pop song that is really catchy. Her vocals on this song is so soulful and just so strong. We don’t know about you but whenever we hear her music it just instantly puts us in a good mood. 

Last we have Breathin by Ariana Grande! This song is our favorite off of her new album. She decided to create an album that was very different from her and what we hear in pop music today, but she is taking the time to recreate the sound of music. We feel like “Breathin” is our favorite because it’s the closest to the style of music we usually hear from her. The song shows off Ariana’s talent with vocals showing different ranges and her harmonies. She kept things simple by saying “just keep breathin,” but when you listen to the song she turned it into something so much bigger. She managed to take a topic, which is her anxiety and turn it into an upbeat pop song that you just want to dance to.

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