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Volkswagon Is Getting Rid Of Their Iconic Beetle Car!

Well ladies and gentlemen, it's officially the end of an era for us all on road trips.

Whenever you go on a road trip besides the license plate games, you usually play the punch bug game.

You know the rules "punch buggy, no punch back."

Volkswagen announced that they are retiring the Volkswagen Beetle in 2019.

The company said that they will make a “Final Edition” Beetle series. 

The final edition of the car will be available in either a convertible or hardtop and the base price will range from $23,045 for a coupe or $27,295 for a convertible. 

When Volkswagen Chief Woebcken was asked if the Beetle will ever make a comeback he said, "Never Say Never."

The “Final Edition” Beetle will end its production in Puebla, Mexico in July 2019.

How do you feel about the end of the Volkswagen Beetle?

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