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These Parents Made A Bet On Which Team Their Newborn Will Be A Fan Of!

What do you do when you and your significant are fans of opposite sports teams and have a baby on the way?!

I mean what team do you raise the baby to be a fan of!

Well this exact situation is what Lisete and Saul Gomez were put in when they revealed their baby's gender!

Lisete is a huge Chargers fan and Saul is a huge 49ers fan so with their son on the way, they had to decide which team the baby will grow up rooting for!

So what do you do?

Obviously let the fate be decided by which team wins the rival game!

Saul said, "We wanted to do something different to announce that we would be having a baby boy...so we figured with me being a lifelong 49ers fan and her being a lifelong Chargers fan, that this would be the perfect way to it."

Well when the Chargers took on the 49ers, the Chargers won 29-27!

That means their son will be brought into the world reppin' that Thunderbolt blue and gold as a Charger fan!

Congrats Lisete!

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