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Parents Are Upset That Fifth-Grade Students Were Given A Sexuality Survey!

Parents in Vermont are shocked and very upset because their children took a survey in their fifth grade class asking about sexual history, preference and gender identity.

One parent Vanessa Beach said, "My daughter is 10. So are all the other kids who took this. A sexual partner at 10 years old would be called sexual abuse."

Vanessa said that her issue isn't with the topic of gender identity and sexuality being talked about in the classroom, but she's upset because the survey is an invasion of her daughter's privacy.

She also believes that the questions asked were not appropriate for her 10 year old's age range.

The survey was done by WISE, a domestic violence prevention and advocacy group that runs educational programs in some schools in Vermont.

The school says that a notice was sent to parents about the survey, which gave them the opportunity to opt-out of having their children participate.

However, Vanessa said she never received the form.

A WISE official said students are told before the survey was handed out that they are not required to take it and can choose not to do it.

School administrators did receive parental complaints and they are working on addressing them.

What do you think about 10 year-olds doing a survey about gender identity and sexuality?

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