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There's a Christmas Tree-Infesting Bug That Hatches Eggs Inside Your House!

Christmas may still be two months away, but that's not stopping us from counting down the days to start decorating our houses!

One thing you should be paying close attention to this year is the tree you pick out for your living room because there could be bugs hiding inside the tree!

A New Jersey agricultural expert is concerned about the potential spread of a vicious, tree-killing insect known as the spotted lanternfly. 

The bugs have been spotted in both Pennsylvania and in New Jersey, where they are known to be on dozens of types of crops and trees.

These bugs could easily attach themselves to the bark of Christmas trees to lay their eggs and multiply.

One scary story about these bugs happened last year when a woman had two clusters of spotted lanternfly eggs attached to her Christmas tree and she didn’t notice them until some of the eggs hatched!!

She saw a few strange-looking insects inside her home in early January when the tree was still up in her house!

Officials warn that anyone who is planning to buy a pre-cut Christmas tree this year should carefully check the tree before driving it home to make sure no eggs or live insects are clinging to the trunk or any branches.

They continue to suggest that homeowners should also check their Christmas trees  especially ones purchased from garden centers or private lots that might get their stock of trees from out of state.

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