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John Mayer Accidentally Swallowed A Tea Bag String On Stage!

John Mayer recently talked to Billboard where they played a gamed called “First, Best, Last, Worst.”

He said, “The first time I remember picking up a guitar, I was at friends' houses who had these beginner guitars with less than six strings on them"

He continued, “When I got a guitar with all six strings, well, I found that very exciting. Because I had all the strings that a guitar was supposed to have. And the sky was the limit at that point. And I was 13 when I did that.”

Then when he was asked the worst thing that has happened to him on stage it resulted in one hilarious story!

He said, “I had a teabag in a cup. String came out of the teabag and I swallowed the string, but not all the way. So, the string was just hanging over the back of my throat, wouldn't go anywhere, and I had to keep singing. A lot of skill involved in continuing with the show no matter what."

That is a lot of skill, but it's also hilarious just picturing him just trying to get through the show with a tea bag string caught in his throat!

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