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Santa's Lazy Gnome Is Here To Save Parents From Elf On The Shelf!

When it comes to children and the holidays, there's a lot of families that bring out Elf On The Shelf.

It's also known that finding a new place to put the elf can get tiring especially REMEMBERING where you placed the elf.

There's been a lot of horror stories like people accidentally putting the elf in the oven and forgetting about it...YIKES!

Well Santa's Lazy Gnome is here to save the day!

The whole point of Santa's Lazy Gnome is for the gnome to be put in one place and shouldn't be moved.

This gnome even comes with a book by Julie DeForest who explained why the gnome doesn't move so that situation is handled for you!

What do you think about this?

Are you going to get one?

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