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An 11 Year Old Found Ecstasy In Her Burger From Sonic!

An 11-year-old in Texas was just trying to enjoy her meal in peace with her family, but when she was helping her 4-year-old brother unwrap his burger from Sonic, she found a pill inside.

At a press conference, Taylor, TX, chief of police Henry Fluck said, "Being an 11-year-old, she asked her parents if this was candy."

However, it in fact was not candy but police ended up confirmed that the pill was ecstasy.

PEOPLE magazine said that once the little girl pointed out the pill to her parents, they brought the meal straight to their local police station.

Police then took it to conduct a field test where they determined that the pill was MDMA commonly known as ecstasy.

Police then went to that Sonice restaurant where they arrested the manager and two employees.

According to a police statement, the manager was arrested initially for an outstanding felony larceny warrant from Guadalupe County. 

While she was searched at the jail, she allegedly was in possession of three ecstasy pills, similar to the one found in the hamburger wrapper.

She was then arrested for possession of a controlled substance and fired from her job as manager. 

She was also charged with endangering a child and delivering a controlled substance.

The other two employees were arrested for outstanding warrants and possession of marijuana.

Police say that "they do not believe there is a health or safety risk to Sonic customers since they made these arrests."

How crazy is this story?!

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