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A Bald Eagle At A Football Game Went Rogue And Landed On Fans In The Crowd!

Imagine attending a college football game and having a bald eagle land on you!

Well that's exactly what happened at the Clemson Tigers vs. Notre Dame football game in Arlington, Texas.

The bald eagle named Clark was supposed to fly around the stadium, but instead after the national anthem decided to land on TWO fans!

There were videos shared on Twitter of Clark landing on two Notre Dame fans.

Take a look below:

The first man named Albert Armas decided to stay very still while the eagle was on his shoulder.

He later told Sports Illustrated that he didn't move because he was "scared crapless."

This is very understandable because we would be scared too!

The second man had a different strategy when it came to the bird.

Tuyen Nguyen clearly had a little more time to prepare so he decided to hold his arm out like a professional bird handler.

Tuyen told Sports Illustrated, "When I saw the bird land on the first guy, I thought, the bird had to be very tired. So I put my hand out to see what happens. And it landed on me. It was very interesting. I was very excited. It was amazing. I couldn’t even believe it."

What would you do if this happened to you?!

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