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A Float At The Rose Parade Caught On Fire!

A tradition we all know and love during New Year's Day is the Rose Parade.

Well this year, there was a bit of a twist!

Near the end of the parade, a float caught on fire and a tow truck had to come in to tow the float away, but that's not all.

The tow truck that came to save the day, had its own malfunction because the tow bar broke so a second tow truck had to be called.

The unplanned turn of events caused an early end for TV audiences.

The Chinese American Heritage Foundation’s “Harmony Through Union” stopped moving and smoke began erupting where Orange Grove and Colorado boulevards meet.

Authorities had to evacuate everyone riding the float after it caught fire luckily no one was injured.

The cause of the fire is still unknown and remains under investigation.

While most marching bands were able to navigate around the broken down float, the two floats behind it (the last ones in the parade) weren't able to go around.

You can check out photos of the float below:

We're glad everyone was okay!

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