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A Human Heart Was Found On A Southwest Airlines Flight!

There's so many different possibilities of why a flight could be bad or have us annoyed.

However, this specific situation is not very common!

This Southwest Airlines flight from Seattle to Dallas was forced to turn around and return to Seattle because a HUMAN HEART that was meant for a transplant was left on board!!

The plane was close to the border of Idaho and Wyoming when they decided to turn the plane around to return to the heart to Seattle.

Southwest Airlines said in an email statement to Mashable:

During Flight #3606 with scheduled service from Seattle to Dallas this past Sunday evening, we learned of a life-critical cargo shipment onboard the aircraft that was intended to stay in Seattle for delivery to a local hospital. Therefore, we made the decision to return to Seattle to ensure the shipment was delivered to its destination within the window of time allotted by our cargo customer.  

That wasn't the only problem...

When it comes to a heart transplant, it must happen almost immediately as a heart can only be stored for between four and six hours for a transplant.

A spokesperson for Southwest said that the heart first boarded the plane in Sacramento and it's unclear how long the flight was in the air before returning to Seattle.

It's also unknown if the heart was intended for a specific patient. 

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