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Martha Stewart's Scrambled Eggs Hack Is Driving The Internet Insane!

Matha Stewart is a woman of many talents!

She truly does it all like cooking, party planning, coming out with a line of home decor and cooking appliances.

Well she also is here to reveal a hack when it comes to making scrambled eggs and it was so unusual the internet world went crazy over it.

Food Network posted a video on Facebook of Martha making the "softest and fluffiest scrambled eggs."

What drove the internet world insane was that Martha used a CAPPUCCINO MACHINE to mix the eggs up!

She starts by cracking two eggs, adding pinch of salt and pepper, some better, and then things start getting a little strange.

She brings the container of beaten eggs to the cappuccino machine and inserts the steam wand into the egg cup!

The steam wand steams the eggs in just seconds.

She then mixes the eggs up and piles them onto some toast.

She says, "These eggs are buttery and fluffy and light and delicious."

Facebook users we're not really on board with this hack and left hilarious comments like:

"Next we'll learn how to make coleslaw with a cabbage and a ceiling fan."

"Next up: How to cook a brisket in your dishwasher."

What do you think of this hack?

If you have a cappuccino machine, would you make scrambled eggs like this?

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