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Netflix Is Changing Its Rules So You Can't Share Your Password With Others!

Let's be real for a second, we've all either shared our Netflix password or have used our friend's Netflix password to binge-watch our favorite shows or movies.

Well now Netflix is changing their security system to crack down on sharing accounts!

Right now Netflix allows you to be logged into multiple accounts at one time depending on what plan you bought.

If we're going to be honest here you could buy the cheap package and share your password because as long as you're not watching at the same time then you're good.

Well Netflix will be using this new Al-powered system to stop you from sharing your password.

The new software will be able to tell Netflix which users are logged in, where the account is being used, and where to flag shared accounts.

The new system is a little creepy because it will know if you're at home, work, vacation home, or wherever!

Trials of this has already begun.

The purpose is so that it encourages users to pay the additional fee for the premium account.

What do you think about this?

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