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This Los Angeles Car Chase Ends With The Car Door Being Ripped Off!

It seems like there's a car chase in Los Angeles every single day, but this one might be one of the best ones we've seen.

During a high speed chase today (1/18) on the 60 freeway, it ended in an abrupt stop when the driver tried exiting the freeway and tried to squeeze between a box track and the guard rail.

The box truck ended up TAKING THE DOOR off of the vehicle which allowed the police to stop the suspect.

Since the car door got taken off, the driver had to squeeze out the window along with 2 other people that were in the vehicle.

Watching all of them squeezing out of the car window made it look like a clown car.

You can check out the car chase below and fast forward to 4:20 to get to the good part of the car chase:

How crazy was this?!

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