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Pressed Juicery Just Released Minnie Mouse Inspired Bottled Juices!

Yesterday (1/22) was National Polka Dot Day and that means we are honoring our favorite girl who rocks Polka Dots the best...MINNIE MOUSE!

Well this holiday means collaborations and Pressed Juicery joined in all the fun.

This Pressed Juicery and Minnie Mouse Collaboration comes with juices inspired by Minnie!

There's two flavors Pineapple Greens and Dragon Fruit Punch that come in a Minnie Mouse bottle. 

The Pineapple Greens flavor has leafy greens and sweet pineapple and the Dragon Fruit Punch is made with watermelon, dragon fruit, and strawberry.

Besides the juices, you can also buy Minnie Mouse merch like a limited-edition cooler bag, a reusable glass water bottle, and seed packets for gardening. 

There will also be a commemorative pin that'll be available in February.

Are you going to buy anything?

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