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This Man Save A Woman's Life From Learning CPR From "The Office"

In an episode of The Office, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) was show all of the employees how to do CPR training by singing the Bee Gees song "Stayin' Alive."

What was a hilarious episode ended up saving a woman's life!

A man in Arizona says that he was able to save an unconscious woman with CPR because all he heard in his head was Michael Scott singing "Stayin' Alive."

Cross Scott is a lead technician at an auto shop when he saw a white sedan drifting by with its hazard lights on.

He then noticed there was a woman slunched over the wheel.

He didn't have his cell phone on him so he reacted immediately by breaking her car window and after she failed to respond.

Two women pulled over to assist where they called 911.

Cross Scott then began performing CPR singing “Stayin’ Alive” just like Michael Scott did in the episode.

The unconscious woman started breathing and threw up.

10 minutes later the paramedics arrived where they informed Cross if he didn't intervene the outcome would've been different.

We're glad she was okay and that The Office came in handy!

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