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GOT7's Jackson Wang Talks Music & Fashion With Dave Styles At The GRAMMYs!

Jackson Wang - member of the popular Korean pop group GOT7 - is in town to record some new music and took a few moments to chat with 1043MYfm's Dave Styles backstage at the 2019 GRAMMYs.

Jackson graciously started the interview introducing himself to everyone working on the 1043MYfm team backstage at the event. When asked why by Dave, he replied "I have to - nobody knows who I am." Then wished a happy holiday saying "happy Chinese new year everybody...so honored to be here." It's so refreshing to see that kind of generosity from an artist, because not all celebrities go out of their way to do that - especially during a long media day!

Moving on to his work as a recording artist, Jackson shared that while he is still a member of GOT7, he does take time to work on solo projects in China and the United States. He attributes the seemingly sudden rise in KPOP success stateside to the connection between the artists and their supporters.

It's the music itself and the quality of the music. And the work. Everything. Also the interaction with fans with supporters, everything...supporters, fans they're really important. Like they're very important to us. Without them we wouldn't even be here today. That's why we want to do the best we can to take care of them.

When Wang isn't in the studio or working, he like to play video games like Tetris and NBA Live, playing with the Houston Rockets for the later. However, right now he likely doesn't have much time for leisure as he's currently promoting his upcoming single out in March of this year.

It's kind of like a pop - pop genre. It's kind of like...well I don't want to spoil it too much. Just here. Exclusive. It's about like...you only touch me when I'm faded.

Apart from his solo endeavors, he mentions that as a member of GOT7 it's important to be supportive and a team player, but also stand out as an individual.

In songs you just gotta write your own stuff...create your own signature. As soon as we (get competitive), that's when we drop. We gotta stay like even. Like same. It's all about the team.

Watch below as he opens up about fashion, taking care of his mother and more!

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