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You Can Drink With Mermaids And Mermen At This Tiki Bar!

It's no secret that Mermaids and Mermen are obviously real and this Tiki Bar is making you believe in these mystical sea creatures.

Well this bar called the Sip 'n Dip lounge in Montana is the tropical vacation you need after a hard day at work.

While their signature cocktail is a 52 ounce fishbowl drink filled with spiced rum, regular rum, coconut rum, blue schnapps, blue curacao, vodka or tequila, fruit juice, soda, and garnishes...that's not the only fun part.

Since it's a tiki bar of course there's tiki heads, flowers, and seashells for the tropical vibe, there's also real life mermaids and mermen swimming.

When you're at the bar, you'll be able to see a window into the pool where you'll find mermaids and mermen swimming daily.

They are called "mer-ployees" and they perform underwater tricks and pose in the window for customers to take photos with them if you tip them in their "Mermaid Tips" fishbowl.

Are you going to check out this bar the next time you're in Montana?

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