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This Man Pretended To Get Stood Up On Valentine's Day To Get A Free Meal!

Valentine's Day is a day when everyone that you didn't realize were couples start posting on social media and going out to dinner.

Well this one Twitter user named Stephen decided to put a twist on going out to dinner on Valentine's Day.

He decided to come up with a whole plan and go to Outback Steakhouse all dressed up excited for a date just to be "stood up."

His ultimate goal was to get a stranger to pay for his meal and it surprisingly worked!

It started with him tweeting "If I went to Outback Steakhouse by myself tonight and asked for a table for 2 then got progressively sadder as the night went on alone, do you think they'd give me my steak for free?"

In order to make his plan fully work, he called the restaurant ahead and said his date was running late.

He live tweeted the entire thing and started by ordering wine because "she loves chardonnay."

By the end of the night a stranger paid for his meal and ended up donating $50 to the American Civil Liberties Union.

You can check out the entire scenario unfold below:

Outback loved this so much that they even tweeted him and said "How about you bring in a real date and the meal's on us?"

How crazy is this?!

What do you think about this?

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