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This Mom-To-Be Accidentally Thought A Car Seat Cover Was A Skirt!

You know sometimes things happen where you think a gift was one thing, but it was not what you thought at all!

Well this mom-to-be had this exact situation happen to her and it was so hilarious that it went viral!

Lori Farell posted a photo of her outfit which includes her wearing a striped skirt that her friend gave her.

It turns out that her friend in fact did not give her a skirt, but it's actually a car seat cover for her new born!

She told the HuffPost that her baby is due in June so she had been gathering a bunch of new and secondhand items just to get ready.

She said, "A friend of mine had messaged me that she had a bunch of baby stuff she was getting rid of. I came home with a car full that day of enough baby clothes to cover our little girl's first three months. She also gave me a pregnancy pillow, a rock and play, toys, shoes, baby carriers, etc. So when I pulled out the striped thing, I wasn't really sure what it was. It wasn't in a package, just mixed in with the clothes and blankets/swaddles."

Well she figured that the striped item must be a skirt so she put it on as part of her work outfit.

She said, "I thought the gathered sides were runching and that it was a maternity skirt except I thought the tag was oddly placed in the front. I turned the skirt around to hid the tag and headed to work. I joked with my mom on the phone that I wasn't sure if my skirt was a skirt, but it looked cute so I didn't care."

When she arrived to work, she decided to look the brand up and quickly realized her mistake.

Itzy Ritzy is a brand that sells accessories for parents and babies.

So her "skirt" was actually that "Mom Boss 4-in-1 Multi Use Cover" that parents can use as a cover for car seats and shopping carts as well as a nursing cover or infinity scarf.

Since the photo has gone viral, she has received a lot of support from mom's expressing their own mom brain situations!

To be fair, it does look cute as a skirt!

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