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This Mom Did A Challenge So Her Family Will Pick Up Trash It Was A Fail!

When you're busy taking care of your family, you've probably seen your share of messes caused by the family.

Well that doesn't mean you won't make your family help you clean!

That's the exact case for this mom of three, Miranda Crimbring, but she decided to take matters to her own hands by creating a little challenge.

To be fair the challenge was genius, however it didn't really work out so well.

She called the challenge, "Who Will Pick Up The Random Piece Of Trash That They KNOW Isn't Supposed To Be There" Challenge.

Basically she took a piece of trash so a piece of paper in this instance and put it in the middle of her bathroom floor and wait to see who will pick up the trash.

As a reward for her kids or her husband to pick up the trash, she hid $5 underneath.

Miranda figured that she "made it obvious by putting the paper in the middle of the bathroom floor."

She said, "I knew this was a high-traffic area so I figured one of them would stumble upon it in the morning."

The problem was not one person picked up the trash or even noticed it.

She said, "An entire day went by and nothing! I figured it must be a fluke, so I waited patiently the following day thinking one of them would notice it. Still no."

No one even noticed it by day THREE so she finally let her husband in on her little challenge.

He tried to smart and say he knew it was there the whole time and should've picked it up and then later went back to her and said "I left it there on purpose because I knew you were trying to prove a point to the kids."

They are now on day four and the kids still haven't noticed the paper or the $5.

Miranda said there isn't an end date, but they figured that her kids would've picked it up by now.

Have you ever tried to do something clever to get your family to clean the house?

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