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Corona Just Released Spiked Refreshers In California!

If you just can't wait for the weather to be warm so you can finally get your summer drink on then this new spiked refresher is perfect for you!

Corona is bringing out the tropical flavors out early with their passionfruit lime, guava lime, and coconut lime spiked refreshers.

You may be thinking is this a beer since Corona released it, well it's actually a malt beverage so it's a lot lighter than beer.

It's 199 calories per 12 ounce can and has 4.5% ABV.

The passionfruit lime and guava lime each come in six packs however, if you want the coconut lime flavor, you can only get that one when you buy a variety pack.

These spiked refreshers have already started rolling out in California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, and North Carolina.

If you don't live in these states, don't worry because they will be released nationwide at the end of May.

Do you plan on trying these?

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