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Starbucks Is Changing Their Rewards Program!

Starbucks currently has a Rewards Program that we all know and love because it means we get free food or drinks when you earn 125 stars.

What makes you feel even cooler is your Starbucks gold card once you've reached gold status.

Well Starbucks is changing the whole rewards program next month!

Starting on April 16th, the change in the program will benefit those who don't visit Starbucks as often and there is no more Gold status.

In the current program, for every $1 spent, rewards members will earn two stars.

If you are between 0 and 299 stars in a year then you will be considered green level where as once you hit 300 stars in a year, you are are gold member.

You'll also get a free reward for every 125 stars you ears which can be redeemed for any food or drink.

As if that wasn't a great enough perk, you'll also get free in-store refills and a birthday reward.

Well with the new program, members can redeem for items faster so 25 stars will get you an extra espresso shot or dairy substitute, whereas 50 stars can get you brewed hot coffee, hot tea, or select bakery items.

If you want a handcrafted drink, hot breakfast item, or a yogurt parfait you'll need 150 stars and if you want a lunch sandwich or protein box that will be 200 stars.

It's time to say goodbye to getting the most expensive thing to use your free reward, but you can earn rewards faster.

What do you think of this?

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