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This Easter Egg Dyeing Hack Will Make Your Life So Much Easier!

When you're a kid, there's nothing better than getting your hands dirty dyeing Easter Eggs.

I mean you're just covered in all this dye and the eggs look so pretty!

However, when you're an adult it's a bit cringey with the dye everywhere and all of the steps you have to take!

You have to hard boil eggs, your kitchen smells like vinegar, you're hands are now dyed all these different colors, and the worst part of all these flimsy metal egg dipper!

Well now you don't have to deal with those problems with this Easter Egg dyeing hack!

All you have to do is bring out your slow-cooker and then make aluminum foil walls to divide your slow-cooker up in sections depending how many colors you want.

Next, you put a slow-cooker bag in each section, add water and food coloring to each section and stir it all up.

Then, put your UNBOILED eggs in and let your slow-cooker do it all!

You put it on the lowest setting which will cook the eggs and dye them!

Are you going to use this hack?

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