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This Woman's IKEA Bag Hack Is Perfect For Any Bride On Their Wedding Day!

One very common problem for any bride on their big day is the task of going to the bathroom when they are already wearing their wedding dress.

Considering wedding dresses comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles, it basically becomes one big group effort that should be a simple thing to do.

So this bride-to-be came up with a hack that's perfect for any bride on their big day and all you need is an IKEA bag.

Yup, just a normal IKEA bag and you get rid of the bottom part of the bag like in the photo below.

Then instead of worrying about your beautiful dress dragging on the bathroom floor, just step inside the bag and when you lift the bag, the dress comes up with the bag!

So now your legs are free to do what you need to do.

Did you use a hack like this on your wedding day or do you plan on using this hack in the future?

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