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Lego Will Release Braille Bricks To Help Blind And Visually Impaired Kids

Legos have played a big role in a lot of people's childhoods throughout different generations.

Well now Lego is becoming a useful and life-changing tool for children who are blind or visually impaired because now it will teach you Braille.

They are testing out these new Lego bricks that have customized bumps to make learning Braille fun.

In a press release, these "Lego Braille Bricks will be molded with bumps that will correspond with letters and numbers in the Braille alphabet."

The best part is that these bricks will also be compatible with normal Lego pieces.

CEO of the LEGO Foundation, John Goodwin says, "Blind and visually impaired children have dreams and aspirations for their future just as sighted children."

He continued saying, "They have the same desire and need to explore the world and socialize through play, but often face involuntary isolation as a consequence of exclusion from activities."

John believes that this project will be able to bring a playful and inclusive approach to learning Braille.

Lego Braille Bricks are currently being tested in English, Danish, Norwegian, and Portuguese.

There will also be tests for German, Spanish, and French coming later this year.

The final outcome of these Lego Braille Bricks will have 250 Braille bricks that will cover numbers, math symbols, and the alphabet.

You can find these Lego Braille Bricks starting next year in 2020 and it will be free of charge to select institutions that assist the blind and visually impaired.

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