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Audien and Sydney From Echosmith Talk About Collaborating And More!

You may recognize Echosmith from their hit song "Cool Kids," well they are back with a new song called "Favorite Sound" with DJ Audien.

Audien and Sydney from Echosmith stopped by to talk to Dave Styles about collaborating and so much more!

The collaboration came together because Audien is fan of Echosmith and sent a demo to them to possibly work together.

He ended up using a lot of live instruments from Graham and Noah to make it have a more organic sound.

It turns out Sydney and Audien didn't even meet until they had to do promo for the song.

The interview starts off with the great ice breaker of Audien's shoes that look like NASA made them.

Sydney gave an update on her brother saying he's better and is officially home.

She also sets the record straight about the Instagram post below that said "Swipe right to see Sydney disappear."

Fans took things out of proportion thinking she is leaving the band, but she confirms she doesn't see going solo as the career path for her.

She thought the photo looked cool like she disappeared in Thanos from The Avengers' snap.

Sydney is officially married and gave all of the details of her wedding including what food she had at the wedding.

She said the appetizers were the part because there was tomato soup shooters with grilled cheese, stuffed mushrooms, mashed potatoes and more.

Sydney revealed the secret of marriage is compromise.

She likes to watch TV before bed so she has the volume really low while her husband sleeps.

However, the most shocking part of all is that Sydney has never seen the hit TV show FRIENDS and she's just starting it now.

You can check out the whole interview below:

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