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WATCH: Jennifer Aniston Talks Fake Instagram Account On Kimmel!

Imagine if Instagram was around in the days when they filmed "Friends". Instead of chatting, while sitting on the couch at Central Perk, they'd all be on their phones. 🙄Can we just go back to those days please.  

That being said, as a die-hard Friends fan, it was so cool to see Jennifer Aniston join Instagram. I think we're just waiting on Chandler Bing now. Pretty sure he's the last one standing.

So, Jen admitted that even though she's new with her official IG account, she's already had fake one. Or as she told Jimmy Kimmel, "a stalker account". Interesting. I wonder how many people have fake accounts, just to spy on their loved ones.

Check out the interview, when Jennifer tells Jimmy why she had the fake account, as well as who she beat for the world record for being the fastest to reach 1 million followers.

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