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Did Astros Steal The World Series From The Dodgers In 2017?

Well, as a Dodger fan, and as someone who works for the Dodgers, and witnessed the Astros celebrate the 2017 World Series, this will be interesting to see how MLB handles this.

Apparently it has now come out, and confirmed by either a former pitcher, or coach for the Astros. Not positive on where this info is coming from, but it seems the Houston Astros did some cheating to win games in the 2017 season, including the playoffs and World Series.

They were, allegedly, using camera's from center field, which are pointing towards the batter, to see what signs the catcher was giving to the opposing pitcher, to see what pitch was gonna be thrown. The info was immediately relayed to the Astros batter by pounding on something in the dugout.

It quickly has made rounds, including NBC4, who aired a quick story on it, and I found the full story, as it currently stands, including video footage to see and hear this in action.

If this all comes out as true, it would be devastating to the Astros organization, and especially to the Dodgers and Dodger fans, as we lost in 7 games to the Astros that season.

See the full story, and watch the clips on the NBCSports site, as well as a detailed example by JomBoy, who's well known for breaking down baseball.

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