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You Can Now See R2-D2 Roaming Around Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Even though I am a Star Wars fan, and live in Studio City, not terribly far from Disneyland, I still haven't been to see Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. In fact, I'm a couple movies behind. The last one I fully saw was "The Force Awakens". I did try and watch "The Last Jedi", but had a hard time staying awake. Is it me, or is it super long?

It does seem that they change things at Galaxy's Edge, to keep it fresh, and It has been announced that R2-D2 is a free-roaming droid at the theme park experience.  This ponders the question, is there someone inside of it, like the original movies? In case you didn't know, there was an actual person inside,Kenny Baker, who unfortunately passed away in 2016. I've included a cool video of him, showing some outtakes and behind the scenes of his days inside the R2-D2 robot.

If the roaming R2-D2 is in fact remote controlled, I can't help but think it can serve dual purpose, by attaching a Rumba to it. Not a bad idea, right?

DFB has more info on this here.

And here's the video of R2-D2 and Kenny Baker I mentioned.

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