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Pampers Reveals New Device That Tells Parents When To Change Baby's Diaper

Well, we have social apps, dating apps, Live TV apps, and now an app that will tell you that your baby's diaper is full of poop.

A company called Lumi by Pampers, has released a new tool, which will help you better track the health of your baby, including monitoring their feeding and sleeping, now also help track, and recognize a patter in their...let's say diaper activity. This involves a video monitor, which is connected to the app for your phone.

Keep in mind, I don't have kids, so I don't know the value of the 'full diaper alert' notification, since I'd just imagine our nose is a pretty good indication, but I guess some diapers have scents to cover the smell, so you may not be aware. What do you think? Would this feature be helpful to you?

Interesting Enginering has more info here.

And you can get in depth (maybe a poor choice of wording), and pick up this Lumi product on their site.

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