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Man Proposes On The Ellen Show!

There's been so many creative surprise proposals over the past few years, especially the flash mob ones, which, I'm sure, makes it tough to pull off something memorable and fun, where you can catch someone completely off guard, which really is the ultimate goal isn't it. Yea, the proposal part is cool, but isn't knowing you completely shocked someone even better?  Well, I've never been married, so that's my view from the outside atleast.

This couple, who were initially surprised by Ellen Degeneres, via satellite, were flown out, for what they thought was just to talk about their funny reaction, but when Ellen casually and unsuspectingly asked Rachel and Dane how long they've been married, ......well, I won't ruin the rest. Take a look for yourself, it happens just after 4 minutes in. Rachel's facial expressions are hilarious, btw.

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