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Coronavirus Grocery List: What to Buy in Case of Self-Quarantine

There are people who are worried about the current virus situation, and there are those who think it's all fake. You can think any way you'd like, but the fact that it's a possibility that grocery stores could close for a while should have you thinking about stocking up, regardless of your feelings on it. I would hate for either side to go without food or supplies.

So far, I've noticed the main things gone are breads, pastas, mac and cheese, and things like that. So what do you buy? NBC in New York has compiled a good list of things to consider when going into the store. Take a glance at these options, and have an idea of what to buy before you even go in, so you save yourself the time of wandering around.

Again, this isn't a debate of whether or not, you should take this seriously. It's more about being precautious for, if or when these stores close; even for a short time. Don't leave yourself without everyday necessities, especially food.

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