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If You Had The Spare $125k to Visit The Titanic Wreckage, Would You Go?

OMG this is incredible.  Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated with the Titanic. I used to read books, and watch every documentary I could find. When the huge blockbuster movie came out, I was kinda meh about it. It's a cool movie, sure, but part of me got possessive about something that I loved so much becoming mainstream. I got over it, and now to see a headline saying that people can actually visit the Titanic wreckage site, is something I never could've imagined.  If I had the spare $125k, which is described as a "mission training and support fee, would I go? Hmm..not sure about that. I mean, it would be surreal and an indescribable experience, but not sure I could handle the mystery of underwater like that, because with my luck....never mind. I won't even put it into the universe.  

Learn all about OceanGate Expeditions, and how you can become a "citizen scientist", and get an up close look at the infamous Titanic wreckage.

Would you go?

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