Meet Max From Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA On Furry Fridays!

Max is available to adopt, along with a ton of other amazing pets at Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA who deserve a great forever home!

Get to know Max:

And in this corner weighing forty-seven pounds and full of energy we have Max the Pit Bull! This eleven month old neutered male pup loves to play and is looking for a new home that will keep him occupied with lots of entertaining activities. Max is still quite young and working on his manners. Anyone interested in adopting this energetic dog is required to take him to basic obedience classes. Max is so eager to learn and please, he’s sure to be the top student in any behavior class. Seeking to add a fun-loving and spirited dog to your life? Call 650-340-7022 to schedule an appointment to meet Max ID# A868515.

Tune into Marcus & Sandy every Friday to meet another cat or dog that could be your family's next pet.

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Star 101.3 Presents: Furry Fridays!

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