Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

Help us find forever homes for adoptable pets every week on Star 101.3's Furry Fridays


Furry Fridays: National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day!

April 30 is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! Its a day to raise awareness for the millions of animals waiting in shelters to find their forever homes.


Meet Orion! Available at Marine Humane:

Orion is mostly Siberian husky, but he could also have a little German shepherd in there, too. Orion is a generally friendly, laid-back guy. He is great with other dogs at the Tehama shelter including small dogs. Orion would prefer an adult-only home or a home with older teenagers who will respect his personal space.

Meet Tigger! Available at Hopalong:

Tigger is a super sweet, mellow, 8 year old gal. She has lived with her owner her whole life, but the owner sadly had to give her up due to severe health conditions. Tigger is good with dogs and is very affectionate. Understandably, she’s a little confused and scared, so we’d love to find her an awesome new home quickly. If you’re looking for a friendly, loving, slightly older kitty, Tig is your girl! 

Meet Spunky! Available at Muttville:

Do you need some chihuahua love in your life? Don’t we all? Spunky to the rescue! This creamy chi dreamboat is very friendly with both people and other dogs. He’s also agile and has good leash manners, perfect for strolls around the neighborhood. The two of you are sure to make plenty of new friends on your jaunts on the town!

Meet Freckles! Available at Peninsula Humane:

Freckles is a spayed, adult female shorthaired rabbit! She is a curious girl that starts off on the timid side. She loves her veggies though and can be won over with her favorite snacks! She also enjoys munching on her toys! 

Meet Peggy! Available at Marin Humane:

We love Peggy! Peggy has been bounced about through four homes now and we need to find her forever home! She is sweet and wonderful--but also has a lot of energy that needs to be played out. She is active and loves to play and play.

Meet Buffy! Available at Hopalong:

Buffy is an eleven-month-old, big girl, with lots of energy, and a love for balls of all sizes and playing in water. I get along well with other dogs. I’ll do better in a home with older or no children because I get so excited when I’m around my people that my size and energy can be overwhelming at first.

Meet Harry & Sally! Available at Muttville:

Harry and Sally are the sweetest little pair of Chihuahuas! Just like their namesake movie characters they love each other and look after each other. They enjoy the simple life full of naps, treats, short walks, and time in the yard. Harry and Sally are an adorable little pair that would make the most wonderful companions for any family.

Meet Lazzo! Available at Peninsula Humane:

Lazzo is a 4-year-old, neutered male Husky and weighs 50lbs! He's a friendly, energetic, and talkative boy that loves to be near his favorite people! If you are looking for a running/hiking buddy, look no further! He loves to explore! He gets along well with social, friendly dogs, and am looking for an active family that has had dogs before.

Meet Spork! Available at Marin Humane:

Spork is one very lucky guinea pig. His former owner was going to release him into the wild, but fortunately, he's in a shelter instead. He's very healthy and well cared for but is shy so be super patient with him. Go nice and slow and once on your lap he settles for love and petting.

Meet Stella! Available at Hopalong:

Stella is a 5yr old Bully mix that has been looking for a new home for almost 5 months. She is a great girl that loves being by your side and hanging out with my people. As chill, as she is, Stella is best in a home with no other dogs or cats.

Meet Sampson! Available at Muttville:

Sampson is a lab mix and a gentle giant with a joyful, irresistible smile. Everyone who meets him is smitten! Loverboy Sampson is an expert kisser and snuggler, so get ready for quality cuddle time. This good-natured guy is a delight to be around

Meet Verona! Available at Peninsula Humane:

Verona is a distinguished 12-year-old Lady; I am a shorthaired, small-sized, spayed female cat. I start off a little shy so I would do best in a quieter home where there would be fewer things to startle me. Once I get to know you though, watch out! I love to be around people and can't get enough pets, I will just keep coming back for more.

Meet Elsie! Available at Marin Humane:

Calling all German Shepherd enthusiasts! Elsie is the quintessential German Shepherd. She has a lot of energy, drive, and focus. Elsie is a sniffing enthusiast. Due to her natural exuberance for life, we think she would do best in an active home that will be dedicated to her training.

Meet Papa! Available at Peninsula Humane:

Papa is a 2 year old, 42 pound, neutered male, Pit Bull. His ideal home is quiet and with an adult only family that will understand my need for extra time to adjust to my new home. Once we are besties, I love toys and to get pets! I love fetch and I'm great at catching! I may do best as the only pet in the home.

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