Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

Help us find forever homes for adoptable pets every week on Star 101.3's Furry Fridays


Meet Pets From Marin Humane On This Week's Furry Fridays!

These pets are available to adopt at Marin Humane, along with a ton of other amazing pets who deserve a great forever home!

Right now, you can "Go BIG AND Go Home!" Adoption fees for large dogs 30lbs+ are being waived for the month of January, so now's your chance to add a whole lotta love to your home!

Get to know Kaldra:

The results are in! Our resident Husky mixes turned out to have some Gray Wolf DNA. Specifically, Kaldra is 32% Husky, 27% German Shepherd, 25% Alaskan Malamute, 9.1% Gray Wolf and 5.4% Collie. We actually feel like we've seen a little bit of all of these breeds in Kaldra while she has been under our care. We are looking for homes with experience with northern breeds and some experience with a previous Wolf Hybrid would be great. Kaldra takes time to warm up to people, here at the shelter she has learned to be OK around a lot of people, she is even getting affectionate with many of us. Patience and a tall fence are both requirements in her new home. Kaldra is not a dog that can be left out in your yard, she will likely use that Wolf brain to find a way out and find some mischief. We've seen Kaldra be dog social, though small dogs and small companion animals are not recommended in her new home, she has prey drive that is typical with all of her breeds. We've heard her howling in the evenings, so joy for dog song is another requirement in her new home. Long hikes, always on leash, will be great for Kaldra to exercise her nose, muscles and learn about the world. Here at the shelter Kaldra was a star in our scenting classes.

Get to know Ivan:

Ivan looks like a German Shepherd with a teddy bear face. We think he's mixed with Akita or maybe even Chow. You'll have to do a DNA test and let us know. Like those breeds would predict, Ivan is smart and VERY goofy! He came in as a stray, but he must've been around humans at some point because he knows how to "sit" on cue. Ivan likes being around other dogs and can be a bit passionate about it at times. He'll need a sturdy human--or just some yummy treats--to help him learn to be a little less intense around doggie friends. He's a quick learner, so with the right plan he can learn to be a perfect gentleman.

Get to know Gracie:

Are you looking for a happy-go-lucky, fun-loving, adventure buddy? Gracie is your girl! She loves humans more than anything. A stranger is simply someone whose face she hasn't licked yet. She's a super playful dog who acts like a puppy. She could be as old as a year and a half, but we think she's younger because of how silly she is. When she sees herself in a mirror, she thinks it's a super-cute doggie friend. If there's a stuffy toy on the ground, she'll run up to it, leap into the air, and pounce on it wit her front paws. Then she'll parade around with her stuffy in her mouth until she sees a human that might possibly give her attention.

Even though Gracie came in as a stray, we think she might have previously lived in a home. She knows "sit" and shows signs of being potty trained. The only house manner she doesn't quite have the hang of is that paws shouldn't be up on the table. (Thank goodness she knows sit! You can use that to teach her what to do instead of counter surfing.) Gracie also needs help learning to keep four on the floor. She finds it hard because of how much she loves humans. Luckily, she's a smarty-pants. In just a few minutes with our volunteers, she learned that if she doesn't jump up, she'll get all the attention and snuggles. We think Gracie would be okay in a home with sturdy children that don't mind getting knocked over from time to time.

If you love hiking and going to the beach, and need an adventure buddy, Gracie is the dog for you!


Get to know Sugar:

Sugar, Sugar! She's our candy girl. We can't believe the loveliness of loving her. Who wouldn't want a dog who comes with her own 1960's theme song? Sugar is quite possibly the sweetest dog on the planet. If it were up to her, snuggle time would be all the time. We get the sense that she's the kind of dog that wants to be up on your couch during the day, and your little spoon at night. Sugar might not fit into a home with a "no dogs on the furniture" policy.

As sweet as this girl is with people, she's not so great with unfamiliar dogs. Her new family should understand leash frustration and start working with her handler focus right away to help her manage her feelings when she sees other dogs.

Tune into Marcus & Corey every Friday to meet more animals that could be your family's next pet.

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