Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

Help us find forever homes for adoptable pets every week on Star 101.3's Furry Fridays


Meet The Pets From Marin Humane On This Week's Furry Fridays!

These pets are available to adopt at Marin Humane, along with a ton of other amazing pets who deserve a great forever home!

Get to know Petey:

Petey needs his own documentary crew. His journey from Mexico to Marin and all his adventures in between are story worthy. Petey's physical disability is a birth defect that he has learned to navigate and manage, which he does with enthusiasm and gusto. He really knows no other method of ambulation and so he skitters on. Petey loves being outdoors, playing with his dog friends and loving on his people.

It's possible that Petey loves on his people a little too hard as he's shown a tendency to guard his someone from either another person or another dog. For this reason we ask that you speak with a behavior specialist prior to adoption in order to understand the issue and be able to work with Petey on modifying that behavior.

If you have the lifestyle and resources to manage Petey and help him overcome his attachments he will reward you with great love and companionship.

Get to know Billie:

Billie, like most Huskies, seems to have some wanderlust. He was found running loose and no owner came forward. Billie has been quite smitten with our other adoption dog Husky mix, we think he might enjoy living in a home with a similar breed of dog. He is a bit too focused on small dogs to be a good match in a home with small dogs and he should not live with a cat or other small companion animals. Billie needs to get to know you before he will allow invasive handling like hugs or vet exams. Take the time to muzzle train Billie and your vet will thank you and you'll be happy to have that tool available to for grooming and exams. Billie has been social with people and not overly so, he's not a Lab or Golden Retriever, he's a northern breed and they are known for some aloofness in their personalities. We'd love Billie to find a home with Husky experience as they are a special breed with unique characteristics. Billie does pull on leash, and you will need to work on all of his manners. He was neutered at our shelter and is still marking here and there, we expect this to face, however his new family will need to employ some management when they first bring him home.

Get to know Brownie:

Poor Brownie was at a shelter in San Francisco for almost four months and kept getting passed over. We are not sure why, he's a charming guy! It probably was just due to the fact that there are so soooo many guinea pigs looking for homes in shelters and rescues now, a sad biproduct of pandemic impulse purchases. So Brownie is now trying his luck in Marin!

Like all cavies, Brownie will need need lots of room to run around a 2x3 C&C cage would be a minimum (6-8 sq feet) but larger is always better. He will need unlimited grass hay, plain guinea pig pellets (no rainbow mixes or muesli) and dark leafy greens to keep him healthy, as well fresh clean water and a tidy enclosure. Brownie is ready for his forever home, perhaps it is yours!

Get to know Nimbus & Stratus:

Nimbus and Stratus are a lovely pair of bonded piggy gals looking for a loving home. They are new here so we are still getting to know them, but they were well behaved for their nail trims and seem well-socialized.

Like all cavies, these gals need lots of room to stretch their legs- a 2x4 C&C cage would be a minimum (8-10 sq feet), but larger is always better. They will need unlimited grass hay, plain guinea pig pellets (no rainbow mixes or muesli) and dark leafy greens to keep them healthy, as well fresh clean water and a tidy enclosure. Call today to make an appointment to meet Nimbus and Stratus!

Tune into Marcus & Corey every Friday to meet more animals that could be your family's next pet.

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