Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

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Meet Pets From Muttville Senior Dog Rescue On Furry Fridays!

These pets, along with a ton of other adoptable animals, are looking for forever homes!

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Meet Ruby Rose:

Ruby’s name says it all- she is the finest of all the gems available and she is patiently waiting for the opportunity to blossom into the gorgeous flower that she is she is!

This pitty mix lives her life to the fullest and loves hard. She gets along great with other pups and does quite excellent with children. If you’re looking for a new best friend to cuddle with, Ruby Rose is the lady for you! Did we mention she gives the best hugs? Come let her plant one on you!

This dog is hospice due to the following medical conditions: limited mobility due to advanced arthritis.

Here are some notes from her foster:

Ruby is the sweetest old grandma! We have a busy house full of dogs from a tiny 2.4lb chihuahua to a large pittie boy and she’s great with everyone. She loves people of all ages and is very friendly and welcoming to any guests.

Ruby has a good deal of arthritis and shaky legs. I’ve taken her to nearby parks and beaches to sniff around but she will peter out pretty fast on a regular walk. She has about 4 slow blocks in her before she needs a rest. At home she mostly wants to follow us everywhere, but she does really love to be outside. She has pretty constant indoor/outdoor access and really likes to snooze in a bed outside. She seems housebroken but does best on a schedule of walking her outside to make sure she has the opportunity to go.

She may have some vision blurriness or possibly be a little new to some indoor house things as she’s walked into mirrors and windows many times. The longer she’s been here the more she’s adjusted, and she navigates pretty easily and will take herself outside when she needs.

Ruby is super affectionate and now that she’s more comfy she loves to try and lumber herself up on the couch for cuddle time. She loves dogs but she’s also a little clueless about space and will come very close to sniff a dog or go try to eat out of their bowl. Our dogs don’t mind but a more sensitive dog might not love her cow-like tendencies. She would love a work from home person and a stair-free home would be best for her. Ruby is such a special sweetheart who deserves some TLC in her golden years!

Meet Silverado:

Meet Silverado, the charming and lovable Poodle who will surely steal your heart with his friendly nature. Silverado is a delightful companion who brightens up any room he enters. This sweet and easy-going pup is a true testament to the gentle nature of Poodles. Silverado is always up for an adventure or a cuddle session on the couch. He is the perfect balance of energy and relaxation, adapting effortlessly to the pace of his surroundings. Whether it’s a brisk walk or a lazy afternoon spent lounging in the sun, Silverado embraces every moment with an unyielding enthusiasm.

Silverado is more than just a pet; he is a true friend with boundless affection and warm heart. Whether you’re seeking a walking buddy, a snuggle partner, or simply a loyal companion, Silverado is eager to be by your side, bringing happiness and love into your world.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Silverado is such an incredibly sweet dog and I’ve been so happy to care for him as of the last few weeks! He has a lot of personality and i’ve really enjoyed having him by my side.

He is a very, very affectionate dog, and is almost always by my side. He’ll follow me no matter where I go. It’s rare to not hear the tip-tip-tip of his nails on the ground behind me when i’m walking around the house! He definitely is a people person, so I think he’d be great with a bigger family or someone that’s able to be around for him for most of the day.

We find common ground on both being big time sleepers/nappers. There’s a great duality to him, sometimes he’s walking around happy and energized like a puppy and other times all he wants to do is knock out on the bed or couch.

He gets along so well with everyone, both people and animals. I have two other dogs and a cat at home, and he hasn’t had any issue with them at all. He’s been very friendly with other dogs at the dog park as well, and is always curious and happy when it comes to meeting new people.

I believe he’s almost completely deaf – he only really responds to very loud noises or noises that create vibration on the ground. I think he has some trouble seeing due to cataracts in his eyes as well.

He understands how the dog door works and he’s easy to potty train with the right amount of time and effort!

He is a great walker despite being a senior dog! I try to go on short walks up the street with him daily, and he doesn’t have much trouble keeping up. He definitely isn’t suited to walk for long distances or periods of time, but he loves and is great on a quick stroll.

I’ve really grown fond of him over the time we’ve been together and will be so happy once he’s able to find his forever home. He’s an incredible dog and I can’t wait for the right person to meet him!

Meet Dwight & Etsy:

Dwight and Etsy are strongly bonded, so we want to adopt them out together.

These two cutie patooties are like oil and vinegar. They are both very different pups but somehow, they come together to make magic.

Dwight the Spaniel is a real cowboy. He loves the great outdoors, and he isn’t afraid of work or getting his paws dirty. He is a curious and active boy, a wonderful counterpart for his partner Etsy. Etsy is more of a couch potato but also is good at getting out for short walks. She spends her days lounging around the house partaking in her favorite hobby, sun bathing.

Dwight and Etsy are cat, dog, and kid-friendly, and are a perfect combination of fun and chill. Stop what you’re doing and come down and say hello to this perfect bonded pair!

A super fan has covered the Adoption Fee for Dwight & Etsy!

Here’s a note from their foster:

Dwight and Etsy are the perfect pair! Etsy loves to snuggle up and take a snooze and Dwight is never far from her side. Always looking out for each other, this bonded pair is sure to tug at your heartstrings. True love at its finest.

Meet Champagne:

More Champagne Please?

This bright and sophisticated German Shepherd is an exclusive blend! She may seem shy at first but this young senior is an extraordinary companion. She is able to do stairs and still has some good pep in her step. You’ll soon be hooked on Champagne and will never get enough of this gentle and kind little lady.

-Champagne is extremely affiliative with people

-Champagne is a stunningly gorgeous girl who will turn all the heads on walks

-Champagne has a very friendly and sweet way about her

-Champagne has shown great potty manners in her foster home.

A Champagne super fan has covered her adoption fee!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Champagne is a very sweet-tempered girl and while at home, will follow you from room to room and then plop down wherever you are and snooze. She loves her walks. when at home, she seems much more her age, slower paced, however the second you grab that leash she is all energy and she’s only gotten more active as time has gone by. Luckily, she is not remotely phased by the rain given the weather we’ve been having

She was obviously well taken care of at some point in her life, because she is so well-behaved at home. She does not go to the bathroom in the house and thinks that pee pee pads are for resting on (or chewing). She also won’t get up on the sofa unless invited and then, even rarely.

She loves to eat and she is still a bit on the skinny side, so I tend to go over the feeding guidelines some (the vet encouraged it so I figure it’s fine).

She will get overly excited when she sees dogs on the street and I’m not sure if this is limited to certain settings.

She will sleep through the night unless you happen to get up for something. She prefers being with the company of her humans. A good licky mat and calming treats seem to help when left alone at home and when she is bored with that, she will just wait by the door until your return.

She is interested in all humans and doesn’t display any fear of anyone. If anything, she acts like she is welcome to get in anybody’s business and will walk run up to them. She’s is also very good in the car.

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