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Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

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These Pets At Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Are Available To Adopt Now!

These pets, along with a ton of other adoptable animals, are looking for forever homes!

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Meet Lewis & Clark:

Name a more handsome duo – we’ll wait! Lewis and Clark are two charming chihuahua mixes that are ready to embark on their next big expedition together with you. Lewis and Clark are happy explorers: from roving the neighborhood sidewalks, surveying the couch for the coziest spot, and discovering your natural talent for the perfect scritches, these perfect pioneering pups are sure to go down in history for chartering your heart!

Here are some notes from their foster:

Lewis and Clark are two of the sweetest boys! They love to be with their person, going on walks and lounging on the sofa.

Lewis, the smaller white pup, is just a love! He is 100% potty trained and takes treats so gently from my hand. He is easy to handle and loves getting his ears groomed by Clark. He looks at me with his sweet smile and is just so cute, having one ear that stays up and one that is floppy. His favorite thing is the lay in the sunshine on the deck.

Clark loves to flop over and get his belly rubbed and his ears scratched. He is also 100% potty trained. He really enjoys his walks too.

They both travel well in the car and get very excited when they know it’s time to go to the park, when I get home from work. They would LOVE to have a family who has a yard for them to explore as they enjoy being outside, sniffing around and lounging in a sunny spot. They can both negotiate stairs and can tolerate 30 minute walks. Neither dog is currently on medications. They are both good eaters and are food motivated

If you are looking for a perfect duo – these are your guys!

**Lewis & Clark’s adoption fee has been covered by a superfan!

Meet Nike & Puma:

Puma & Nike are strongly bonded, so we want to adopt them out together.

These two friendly competitors are sure to knock your socks off. In some ways they are a lot alike – strong independent females, Labrador Retriever Mixes, both enjoy short walks and are learning all about city life. However, when the competitive side takes over they can be quite different – Puma lives by the motto Forever Faster, while Nike lives by the affirmation Just Do It! At the end of the day when it’s time to relax, take their shoes off, and let their paws out, they are the best of friends with nothing but love for each other.

Here’s what their foster has to say:

Nike is an adorable Lab mix. A little shy but sweet. She likes to snuggle up and will roll over for a belly rub. She has been learning how to climb stairs and is doing very well. She walks nicely on the leash and likes exploring our garden. Nike relieves herself in the garden or on walks. Nike loves attention. Nike sleeps well throughout the night. She doesn’t bark.

Puma aka ‘Yoda Girl’ looks like a refined lady, but she has a serious goofy side. She is playful. Puma enjoys exploring our garden. She walks nicely on leash and handles stairs well. Puma relieves herself in the garden. She is so appreciative of any affection. Puma sleeps well throughout the night. She doesn’t bark.

We left Puma and Nike alone in their pen for over an hour while we went out. They were both well-behaved and quiet. The girls had a bubble bath and both did very well. Puma continues to show her personality as a very playful little scamp. She is always baiting Nike to play with her. Nike, on the other hand, is quieter and just wants her belly rubbed. Although, she does like to come up behind you and pop her head between your legs to say “hello!”

During our walks, Puma isn’t too sure about large dogs but seems fine with smaller dogs. Both dogs really enjoy being outside in the yard. They have good appetites and their favorite treat is hot dogs.

**Puma & Nike’s adoption fee has been waived!

Meet Neptune & Mars:

Neptune & Mars are strongly bonded, so we want to adopt them out together.

Up until a couple of days ago, Neptune & Mars were long-haired, free-loving hippies – but a recent trip to the salon has transformed them into a clean-cut, close-cropped cuties. Either way, they’re absolutely gorgeous! Both of these boys are easygoing cuddlebugs who takes their time to sniff and explore the world around them. They are also great with dogs and kids. This is the duo you’ve been dreaming about! They are out of this world!

Here are some notes from their foster:

Mars and Neptune are a fun and quirky bonded pair. They are pretty independant of each other but also derive comfort from each others presence. Neptune loves blankets and Mars loves a comfy bed. Neptune loves to sleep in but Mars is a morning person. I don’t think either of them sees or hears very well so a small safe apartment with no stairs and easy access to the outside would be perfect.

They love hanging out in my yard and sniffing around.

Neptune is vocal when he wants something but all he wants is his meals and to come inside when ready.

Once I figured out that they have different potty schedules everything got better! They are both eating well and sleep through the night on their beds in my room. Both are super sweet and like to be carried. In short they are the odd couple looking for a safe space to potter around in.

**Neptune & Mars’ adoption fee has been covered by a superfan!

Meet Paprika & Chili:

Paprika & Chili are strongly bonded, so we want to adopt them out together.

Here’s some notes from their foster:

Chili- Chili is quite a mellow, low-key gal. While at first, I thought she just liked to sit in the grass in the backyard and monitor the birds, she actually enjoys short walks around the neighborhood. She mostly does her business outside in the grass and occasionally will use a pee-pad inside. She eats well and does love to snuggle on your lap. Stairs are not her friend and she really cannot be bothered with them, but that may change with some practice. Chili hardly makes a peep and prefers to observe at a distance. She does well in the bath and loves her belly rubbed. She is a very gentle gal and loves to saw-logs while napping!

Paprika- Paprika is quite shy at first, but loves a good lap and butt scratching to get warmed up. She does not love to be walked on a leash, but she can be encouraged to get her daily exercise while walking with her sister outside. She prefers quiet areas with grass to look around. Paprika takes a little time to get use to where to potty, but has gotten use to her new surroundings and uses the grass backyard mostly. She has used the pee pad a few times while inside as well. She is not a fan of stairs and does not want much to do with them. She does well in the bath and loves to cuddle on your lap. She is a very happy, excited girl in the am- which makes her a joy to wake up to. She generally can be found curled up, snoozing! Paprika loves her sister Chili and keeps an eye on her at all times!!

These two are quite the pair. They do so well together, keeping each other comfortable and happy. I love to see their bonded love for each other.

**Paprika & Chili’s adoption fee has been covered by a superfan!

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