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Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

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These Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Pups Need Forever Homes!

These pets, along with a ton of other adoptable animals, are looking for forever homes!

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Meet Cookie Crumb:

Cookie Crumb is a scruffy, crunchy, medium-sized snack with an xl-sized heart. She was the model that Unicode used as a reference for creating the dog emoji, and despite her fame, she remains very humble. Cookie Crumb is most excited for a retirement life full of snifari walks through the neighborhood, watching squirrels from the window, and taking long naps with you.

Meet Jewel:

Do we have one diamond in the rough for you – it’s Jewel, our wise and graceful senior schnoodle in search of a forever home! You read that right: schnoodle! Jewel is a schnauzer poodle mix who is a precious treasure in her own right. This silver-haired gem may have a crooked tail and some vision impairment, but her heart shines as brightly as a polished ruby. Jewel’s gentle spirit and friendly demeanor make her the perfect companion for both humans and her fellow canine pals. While she may appreciate a home with fewer obstacles to navigate, her loving nature and warm heart are bound to bring joy and comfort to any household. Embrace the opportunity to enrich your life by adding a touch of wisdom, unconditional love, and natural beauty to your life – adopt Jewel today!

Meet Heaps:

Come on! Look at that face! Get ready for Heaps of fun. This sweet boy is a perfect blend of Husky and Kayute!! Do you love a good brushing party? How about helping backyard birds insulate their nests with some husky “floof”? Heaps is here to save the day!! Yep, like most doggos, Heaps is more of a giver than a taker.

Here are some notes from his foster:

Heaps is truly a gentle giant! We’ve learned that he is house-trained, non-reactive on a leash (thus far), and does well in cars.

Heaps has been excited to go on walks and prefers short strolls. He has a hearty appetite and loves naps. He’s very mild-mannered and seems pretty independent overall, but is also very happy to have his humans nearby.

He kind of reminds me of a little bear cub lumbering around our apartment; he would definitely benefit from a larger home and yard.

Meet Snoop Dogg:

Laid back, with his mind on his money and his money on his mind. Snoop Dog is all about the Benjamin’s. He is a hard working hustler who knows he’s good looking. Not only will he win you over with his handsome face, he will shower you with never ending gin and juice. Snoop Dogs ideal date night would be a long walk on the beach, followed by a ride in his drop top caddy. He has a great amount of energy and pep in his step for an OG. He prefers to be the only Dawg in the house because after all, Snoop is king! If you’re looking for someone to treasure you, spoil you, and be your one and only sidekick- Snoop Dog is your man.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Handsome Snoop is quite the angel. He settled into our home quickly and found his favorite places to snooze, always near me. He is devoted to me and follows me like a shadow wherever I go, With his peep, he’s a love bug – all soulful eyes, kisses, belly rubs and butt scratches. His house-training is perfect and he’s a great eater. He sleeps in his dog bed next to mine but will sometimes come up on to the big bed. He sleeps through the night.

Snoop is the most active senior that I’ve ever met. He is five pounds of pure muscle and rumor has it that he has the same personal trainer as The Rock. He loves long walks and would do really well in a home that can provide him with an outlet to shed that energy.

He’s gotten really good with his reactivity toward other dogs. He will ignore dogs on the other side of the street, but still needs some guidance when it comes to dogs on the same block as him. He is very much a guard dog and takes the duty of protecting the house seriously.

Snoop continues to integrate into our household. New activities include burrowing in blankets and assuming watchdog duty. To his credit he has learned that the weekly garbage trucks are not intruders and we can all sleep past 5:30 a.m.

He is a tireless walker and we’ve had some hour-long walks in the Presidio, which he loves. He practically leaps into the beds of greenery! He is walking well on a leash and is ignoring other dogs now.

Snoop really loves the ladies. He definitely takes smooth operator to a whole new level. His top three activities are (1) walking (2) walking and (3) walking. Then eating and sleeping (preferably wrapped up like a burrito). He walks pretty well, can be reactive to dogs, however, he seems to be getting better with positive reinforcement. Noises and unexpected movements sometimes make him very nervous. He acts tough, but is really a scared little pup.

With all the joy he takes in life and the love he gives his person are gifts! Whoever adopts him will have a devoted companion.

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