Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

Help us find forever homes for adoptable pets every week on Star 101.3's Furry Fridays


Furry Fridays: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Pups Need Homes!

Check out these pets along with a ton of other amazing pets from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue who deserve a great forever home!

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Meet Hershel:

There’s just something about big dogs. They love big. They cuddle big. They have big feelings. They fill big, dog-sized holes in our lives. If you are nodding your head as you read this, meet Hershel. He is a sweet and gentle guy who is so ready for a loving home to call his own! You will want to hug him endlessly! And he will hug you back!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Hershel is a love bug! He’s super sweet, well demeanored, and great with kids, dogs, walking, light jogging, riding in the car. He’s very quiet, I haven’t heard him bark yet, he’s only whined a tiny bit when he’s excited. He’s pretty chill at home. He likes to be near people and whatever you’re doing, but he’ll also snuggle up on the floor and hang out.

He likes saying hello to people and oddly, parked cars. He loves chew toys (but hasn’t chewed on anything of ours like shoes or home goods), some bones and halfway playing fetch!

Meet Honey Bunches & Oats:

Honey Bunches & Oats are strongly bonded, so we want to adopt them out together.

Meet Honey Bunches and Oats, the dynamic duo of cheese mix love! Sweet and darling, they’re the cutest pair, spreading joy and love everywhere. In true Chihuahua style, they’re snug as a bug, cozy in their cubby, giving hugs.

They’re friends with dogs and people alike, their hearts so big, they’re a delight. With tails that wag and eyes that gleam, they’re living their best life, it seems. Their bond is strong, their love so true, looking for a home, maybe with you!

Adopt Honey Bunches and Oats, this adorable duo, and watch their love grow and bloom. In their hearts, there’s room for more, a home where they’ll adore!

Here’s some notes from their foster:

These 2 are just as sweet as the delicious cereal they’re named after. Honey Bunches & Oats are strongly bonded and absolutely have to be cuddled together all the time. They are a bit shy at first but warm up quickly and will be in your lap in no time.

Oats is the more confident and outgoing of the two, and Honey Bunches likes to hang back until she knows it’s safe. Because of their sweet and shy nature, they would do best in a home with no young children as they can get scared of loud noises and prefer to be handled gently. They love other dogs and get along wonderfully with my 3 senior chihuahuas.

They are crate trained and will sleep together in their own crate all night (although they would prefer to sleep in bed with their human). They are quite active and are able to jump on to the couch and use the dog stairs to get up on the bed. They need a bit of practice with walking on leash but would love to go for walks and smell all the smells.

They love food and are very food motivated. They do pretty well with being left alone so far. They are both have very silly personalities and it’s so much fun watching them. Honey Bunches loves playing with little stuffed toys and Oats is happy if he can be on a lap. These 2 deserve all the love in the world!

Meet Blizzard:

Meet Blizzard, the pint-sized Chihuahua with a heart as vast as the winter sky. Friendly and sweet, this little guy’s a treat, spreading joy to everyone he meets. Among other dogs, he’s a gem, shining bright like a precious little gem. His cuddles are warm, his heart is true, always ready to share love with you. With a wag of his tail and a sparkle in his eye, Blizzard’s the kind of buddy that’ll make you fly. In a world full of cheer, he’s the one you’ll hold dear, bringing happiness so near. Adopt Blizzard, and let this tiny charmer make your days brighter and warmer.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

To be honest there are no cons with Mr. Blizzard.

He’s become adorably more vocal and beeps and squeaks but doesn’t bark. He’s respectful of quiet hours and mostly talks to you when he wants to go out, wants food, requires your attention, or has strong opinions about your Netflix preferences (he will sit on your lap and literally watch TV with you).

He is such a curious fellow and wants to put his nose in everything. He’s especially fond of other dogs and wants to say hello to everyone in the neighborhood He’s working on his appetite and likes to eat throughout the day.

This guy is quite the athlete! He’s working on standing on his hind legs and last night he went up two flights of stairs! He was SO proud of himself. He’s also a looong walker. We did a 2 mile stretch of Ocean beach and he still had gas in the tank. We’ve also noticed his posture has improved and his back doesn’t arch as much. Being active on a regular basis has really helped with his mobility!

He continues to sleep well through the night and politely waits until you’re up. Then you’re going to get all his beeps and squeaks! His fur is coming in nicely and we’re hopeful in 2-4 weeks he’s going to have a full coat. Until then, he loves to sport a sweater

We look forward to finding him a forever home, and see his glow-up as he gets stronger.

Meet Cubano:

Toasted to perfection, Cubano is the the talk of the town. A busy boy who may be blind, but his lack of sight doesn’t stop him. After mapping out the room, Cubano can get around just fine. He is smart. He is determined. His permanent grin is so contagious that we can’t stop smiling with him. If you have a craving for the best Cubano in town, he’s at Muttville right now and he’s very eager to meet you!

Here’s what his foster has to say:

Cubano is a very sweet, gentle boy. He loves snoozing in his many beds and wags his tail happily in the back yard!! And he even gets the zoomies from time to time while exploring.

He eats like a champ-even his pills (LOVES treaties!) and has barely made a peep. He likes being with his people and doggy siblings but is very content on his own too. He sleeps peacefully downstairs all night snuggled up in his bed and favorite blankie but he’d love to sleep with you too!! He knows to potty outside and has not had one accident since day one-very good boy Cubano!! He also gets along with my three dogs very well!! He’d be fine with kitty cats too!!

He is blind but gets around great. He wanders around to get the lay of the land and to stretch his little legs then settles into his bed of choice for another nap! He needs a quiet home to relax and to allow him to continue to come into his own. He’s been just a little joy to have around. If your looking for a sweet, soft little boy with adorable eyes then Cubano is your guy!!

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