Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

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Furry Fridays: These Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Pups Need Forever Homes!

Check out these pets along with a ton of other amazing pets from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue who deserve a great forever home!

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Meet Yaya:

Yaya is sooo extra! She’s extra friendly, extra wiggly, extra cute, and just might have a few extra pounds on her! Her back legs aren’t as strong as her front ones, so she does need some assistance with the stairs. She enjoys short walks and will gladly speak at the town hall meetings. She is not shy by any means and if you bring her along with you on a first date, she will be the first to break the ice. Your marvelous match will not only fall in love with you, but they will also fall in love with your dog. Swipe right on YaYa!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Yaya is shy but once she gets comfortable with you she is just a big cuddle bug.

Great on leash and loves to go outside for walkies, despite her size she can go up and down stairs with no issue.

When I come home after a long day she comes right up to the door and wags her tails to greet me and has even started getting little zoomie episodes when she’s really happy.

She a very quite little girl, haven’t heard a peep come out of her other than an excited sneeze and her favorite activity is to cuddle with you under the blankets.

She sleeps in bed with me and is the best cuddle buddy you could ask for, she really just wants to be near you and look longingly into your eyes.

She’s seems to be house trained, understands that going outside is our time to get business done, and she likes to chew the grass.

She’s great with my 2 other dogs and doesn’t even care that my spicy chi barks at her sometimes , she just stares and doesn’t care.

Anyone who wants a great companion dog that loves to sit around and cuddle with you or go for an outside adventure to the ferry building, this is your gal.

She loves people even though she’s shy, she’s very adventurous and just wants you to look at her and say, YOUR SO BRAVE!

You got this Yaya!

Meet String Cheese:

Meet String Cheese, the canine with the most adorable flippy ears, oh so keen! A mix with the charm that’s hard to beat. His tail’s a blur, never a pause, wagging with joy, following no laws. With a name like String Cheese, he’s a delight, a bundle of love that’s oh so bright. Those ears, oh my, they’re quite a sight, adding to his charm, pure dynamite!

String Cheese is ready to find a home, where love and cuddles endlessly roam. Adopt this fluffy friend and feel complete, with String Cheese, your happiness will be replete!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

String Cheese loves all dogs and people!

Walks confidently (off leash preferably ). As long as he can choose the direction of the walk he is happy. He uses his spidey sense to navigate with no trouble. So…walks at the park are his favorite and leash walks on the street are less preferred. I think the traffic noises confuse him.

He is not food possessive and has a soft mouth . Loves a bully stick to chew.

He is housebroken but we recommend a belly band in new situations until he figures out where and where not to go.

He runs warm, so sweaters are not recommended.

He does great in the car, it just takes him a minute to settle in comfortably.

String Cheese loves the other dogs and willingly engages in play. He also adores children! He is very confident despite his blindness and will walk about happily exploring!

Meet Tackle:

Introducing Tackle, a doggy dream, the handsomest of the handsome, a calm and mellow cream. A perfect gentleman, oh so sweet, his patient demeanor is truly a treat. With a love for brushing, oh, what a sight, his fur is a canvas, fluffy and light.

Tackle’s the name, and he’s ready to play, or sit by your side, the perfect day. In the art of patience, he’s a master, waiting for a home, a happy ever after.

Adopt Tackle, the canine delight, and make brushing sessions a daily rite. In his calm embrace, love takes flight, with Tackle, your world will be oh so bright!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Tackle has a personality that shines bright – calm, cuddly, and super friendly. He is very social, he gets along fabulously with his foster sister and is a hit with other dogs he meets on walks. Tackle’s a foodie through and through – treats and food time are his absolute favorite! He is super food motivated.

Tackle loves to lay around and lounge with his foster family most of the day. You can usually find him taking a nap on the ground or on the couch. Tackle loves his naps. But don’t mistake his love for lounging around for laziness; when it’s walk time, he’s all about those zoomies! He loves going on many moderate walks throughout the day and will never say no to a walk.

Tackle is impeccably well-behaved and house-trained. He’s also a master at spreading affection, from gentle kisses to warm cuddles. He loves to nuzzle to show his affection. If you’re in search of a chill furry companion Tackle is your guy!

Meet Red & Jelly Belly:

Jelly Belly & Red are strongly bonded, so we want to adopt them out together.

Jelly Belly & Red just go together! They were not originally a bonded pair and both arrived at Muttville at different times. These 2 senior mutts just happened to go into the same foster home, and truly became inseparable besties and are both so much happier together. So, for the first time ever – we have a bonded pair that met at Muttville and would love to live out their days together. It is just the sweetest thing you ever did see!

Sweet Jelly Belly, a favorite of so many, has quite the colorful personality. At first her exterior may seem tough but once you dive in you are sure to find her ooey gooey and oh so lovely. Jelly prefers to be carried up and down the stairs and to be placed on her throne where she can snooze the day away. When she isn’t deep in slumber land, she loves to snuggle and soak up the sunshine. If you are looking for a mature and calm little lady, Jelly Belly says, “Let’s roll out!”

Red Alert: Major cuddlebug in the making! Red has arrived and once we get her feeling 100% we foresee her keeping a lucky someone’s lap and heart very warm! And while we’d all agree that the chihuahua is undoubtedly one of nature’s greatest creations, you’ll understand that the cute chihuahua mold was broken with Red when you see her larger-than-life ears and crooked smile. We’ve given you a warning – prepare to be defenseless against this ruby nugget’s irresistible charm!

They are both really healthy and active. They loves all dogs, even the big ones! They both love people and will go up to anyone for pets! Both totally know the whole routine for the day, they’re ok to be left home for a couple hours. They absolutely loves food and love to work on puzzles for extra treats.

I’ve never heard either of them make a sound yet. They’re such an easy, and happy pair, plus they’re both super cute!

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