Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

Help us find forever homes for adoptable pets every week on Star 101.3's Furry Fridays


Furry Fridays: Help Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Pets Find Forever Homes!

Check out these pets along with a ton of other amazing pets from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue who deserve a great forever home!

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Meet Jelly Belly & Red:

Jelly Belly & Red are strongly bonded, so we want to adopt them out together, plus a generous donor has covered the adoption fee for these two ladies!

They were not originally a bonded pair and both arrived at Muttville at different times. These 2 senior mutts just happened to go into the same foster home, and truly became inseparable besties and are both so much happier together. So, for the first time ever – we have a bonded pair that met at Muttville and would love to live out their days together. It is just the sweetest thing you ever did see!

Sweet Jelly Belly, a favorite of so many, has quite the colorful personality. At first her exterior may seem tough but once you dive in you are sure to find her ooey gooey and oh so lovely. Jelly prefers to be carried up and down the stairs and to be placed on her throne where she can snooze the day away. She loves to snuggle and soak up the sunshine.

Red Alert: Major cuddlebug in the making! And while we’d all agree that the chihuahua is undoubtedly one of nature’s greatest creations, you’ll understand that the cute chihuahua mold was broken with Red when you see her larger-than-life ears and crooked smile. We’ve given you a warning – prepare to be defenseless against this ruby nugget’s irresistible charm!

Here’s some notes from their foster:

Red and Jelly are true BFFS!! And they are ADORABLE together!!

Jelly Belly is very independent lady! Her favorite activity is spending time snuggled up in warm, fluffy blankets- so be careful where you sit/step because there is a good chance she’s buried where you can’t see! Jelly likes quick trips outside to use the bathroom, she will sleep through the night, she loves food and treats- especially cheese! She likes to have her space, but also needs to be close enough to keep an eye on you. Belly LOVES all food and treats! Belly needs to make sure her bed is perfect before laying down. Belly enjoys strolling around the neighborhood at her pace, making sure to check everything out. Belly is such a good big sister- she loves cuddling with with her foster siblings. Jelly is looking for a calm home and someone with lots of love and patience to give.

Red is a little lady who loves with her whole heart. Once you become her person, you have the sweetest new friend who wants to be with you all of the time! Red has been making so much progress- her personality is coming out and is so fun to be around. This little girl LOVES other dogs- you can see her confidence grow whenever she meets a new friend. Red has settled into our routine at home really well- she’s a great eater, sleeps through the night, enjoys walks around the block, loves being around other dogs and is getting the hang of potty training (as long as she on a consistent potty schedule she does great!). Red is a big fan of scratches behind her ears, soft fluffy blankets & bed, and treats, especially cheese. Red enjoys going out and exploring. She absolutely loves her head scratches. Red would do great in a calm home with a loving and patient family- extra bonus is she has a dog sibling or two! I can’t wait for this perfect girl to find her perfect forever home!

They are both really healthy and active. They loves all dogs, even the big ones! They both love people and will go up to anyone for pets! Both totally know the whole routine for the day, they’re ok to be left home for a couple hours. They absolutely loves food and love to work on puzzles for extra treats.

I’ve never heard either of them make a sound yet. They’re such an easy, and happy pair, plus they’re both super cute!

Meet Boogie:

A Boogie superfan has covered his adoption fee, so he’ll go home for Free

If you’re in the market for a sporty mid-sized pup with all the extras, take a look at Boogie. He’s a fully loaded Manchester Terrier mix with a shiny chocolate brown exterior, snazzy red trim, lap warmer, and a little nubbin tail that revs with enthusiasm. He can bounce, hop and wiggle in forward and reverse, and will downshift smoothly for petting, cuddles and tum rubs. Come take this sleek charmer for a test drive. Must see to believe!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Boogie is a happy, energetic fellow who loves his humans very much. He likes to play with toys and wander out in the yard, but his absolute favorite thing is snuggling with his people. He is a master cuddler and wants to be on my lap as soon as I sit on the couch. He gets along well with our other dogs – they all roam freely together and live in harmony. He’s playful and we’ve found that he likes to chase balls of all kinds (and he’s getting pretty good at bringing them back!).

During the day he mostly hangs in my home office with me – he is quiet all day while I work. At night he sleeps on the bed with us – he loves to create a little "nest with the blankets that he can curl up in. His house training is good – he has figured out the routine, so he’s solid now. He likes to go for walks but can be reactive to other dogs when he is on a leash. He has no problem with people, bikes, or anything else with wheels, just dogs – we are working on it!

For me, he’s the best of both worlds- a cuddly lap dog but always up for adventures. We have enjoyed having Boogie here and he is always bringing a smile to our faces with his peppy spirit and lovey personality.

Meet Thanks-A-Lot:

Thanksy’s adoption fee has been covered by a super fan!

Medical research has shown the health benefits of exercise, gratitude and social interaction. Can you have all three at once, along with the evidence-based benefits of laughter? Absolutely!

Introducing Thanks A Lot, a husky who leaps into every void with goofy optimism, sloppy kisses, and love. Follow in his large footsteps and you’ll be off the couch, meeting his fans, marveling at his uncanny bravery and laughing, frequently, at the sweet hijinks that ensue in the company of this very handsome chap. Give Thanks A Lot a home and he’ll top your gratitude list on a daily basis.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Thanks-A-Lot has blossomed in foster care! He has gained confidence, independence, curiosity, and energy! Beyond cutting corners a little too short here and there, this fearless guy does not let his vision impairments slow him down. He’s happiest sniffing outside, getting belly rubs, or laying down next to you on the couch. He’s not your typical husky: he doesn’t need a lot of mileage or minutes outside, he may "talk to get your attention but is quiet most of the time, and he is as affectionate as a slobbery lab.

He is getting healthier by the day, slowly trimming down, growing a bushier tail, and showing off his clear crystal blue eyes!! He does require insulin shots twice daily, but otherwise he is one of our easiest fosters and so low maintenance:

-He became potty trained in a week and asks to go outside.

-He sleeps through the night on his dog bed with his favorite squeaky toy.

-He can stay at home alone for 6-8 hrs at a time.

-He is great in the car.

-He is friendly with dogs and humans of all sizes!

If you’re looking for an easy going chap with lots of love to give, Thanks A Lot is your boy!! Thanksy has diabetes which dogs can live quite unaffected with but he does need a small shot right after his meals – this guy is so perfect, he literally lays down when you give him the quick, small poke. I never have given a shot but it is the simplest thing I’ve done for any foster. Who knew?

Meet Cartwheel:

His name has notes of joy and gymnastics with a tilt-a-whirl finish. His appearance is solidly cute and cuddly with a perky lil nose, peekaboo gray mask and itty bitty underbite. Where does it all come together? On the ground. Handsome Cartwheel doesn’t just walk. He bobs, bops, hops and prances. Each step is an original dance move, a touch of bounce, a bit of fancy footwork. He is, in other words, irresistible to all who meet him, including the dog pals with whom he snuggles. Come for the pets and cuddles, stay for the salsa lesson. He’s ready for his forever home (and dance floor.)

Here’s some notes from his foster:

This little bundle of joy will fill up your home with so much love and joy. Cartwheel has made our house a home since he came prancing in.

He has the most wonderful and adorable little quirks! Every steps he takes comes with a different pattern and attitude.

He is the most placid little guy who will do exactly what you ask.

I am not sure of his history but I have no doubt he came from a loving home. He is happiest snuggled up to you in the evening ( literally ON you ) he loves his naps, his comfort and really loves his food.

He might need some encouragement walking on leash, but he has the most incredible recall. ( I nicknamed him monkey as his little face is like a baby monkey.) and he comes right by your side whenever you call.

Whoever adopts this little nugget is going to be forever blessed.

He hasn’t made one single peep – no barking or crying. He did his business easily outside and used the potty pads when he was left alone for a couple of hours.

He gets along great with my dog but doesn’t seem to need canine companionship.

He is truly a very low maintenance doggo if you are looking for company on your daily strolls and a snuggle in the evening or while you WFH. He’s so easy! He will make an amazing companion!

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