Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

Help us find forever homes for adoptable pets every week on Star 101.3's Furry Fridays


Furry Fridays: These Marin Humane Pets Need Your Help!

Check out these pets along with a ton of other amazing pets from Marine Humane who deserve a great forever home!

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Meet Jaimie:

Young, high energy Jaimie was found stray in Novato. Jaimie is a smart, curious, resourceful party girl looking for some structure in her life. She doesn't know that she's looking for structure, but she is. She loves training exercises and playing with a variety of toys. You will be able to use her interest in treats, training and exhaustive exercise to train her and refocus her attention when she gets a little too amped over seeing new people and dogs. Jaimie has a keen mind, so you'll want to engage that with things like food puzzles and games. And don't forget Family Dog 1 - that will give you both a great bonding experience and a strong foundation for obedience.

Jaimie was very interested in all the dogs she met here; sometimes a little too interested. She's super eager to the point of being a little rude depending on the other dog's point of view. If the other dog is like minded a beautiful friendship could ensue. She reads other dogs' social signals, so that's a big plus. Find Jaimie a good playmate and you'll have one more great way to engage her genius.

Come meet Jaimie and get ready to party!


Meet Bindi & Dewey:

Meet bonded pair siblings Bindi and Dewey!

From our former foster home:

Friendly, floofy girl Bindi has a magnificent tail and will come right up to greet you. She loves being pet and having her silky hair brushed, and will purr, rub her face against your hand and the brush, and make contented biscuits. Bindi is playful, especially with the wand toy, and seems to be in constant motion even as you pet her. She's curious about her surroundings, too, and always wants to know what's going on around her.

Dewey is the more mellow and reserved of the two. He prefers to calmly lounge in his cat bed, closing his eyes and blissing out while you love on him. He would love some extra TLC to get comfortable in his new home, with the help of his sister.

Together, Bindi and Dewey are a purrfect pair!

"Two FUR One" adoption special for bonded pairs of cats: pay the adoption fee for just one cat, get two bonded cats!

Meet Mia & Soba:

Soba and Mia are one of the prettiest bonded pairs of cats you will find and they have the personalities to match! Although they are shy at first, once comfortable, both of these kitties will be by your side looking for petting and playtime. Soba (his name was Grayson for years in his previous home) loves laps and would follow his previous guardian around. Mia is a feisty girl who loves her wand toys, but is also vocal and affectionate. Soba boosts Mia's confidence and Mia gives him comfort. They are looking for a calm home and may do well with gentle, older children. They also lived with other cats in their previous home. Although these two kitties become stressed in new places, with a bit of time to adjust, they will soon be showering you with loads of love!

"Two FUR One" adoption special for bonded pairs of cats: pay the adoption fee for just one cat, get two bonded cats!

Meet Beto:

Super cute and young Beto came to us from a shelter that had too many guinea pigs. He was with a sibling, but he was picking on Beto a lot and not letting him eat. We seperated them so Beto could gain weight which he did very quickly. Then we tried re-bonding them but his brother was still too dominant. So now Beto is looking for a family that will spend extra time with him. He's been in foster and here's what his foster "mom" tells us about him:

He is such a sweet heart, friendly, easy to pick up and will settle onto a lap for some time for petting. Beto, of course, loves his veggies and having LOTS of hay to crawl and dig into. He likes to be petted with one finger on his forehead or the side of his face (but not on his head). We think he'd be fine for most families. And, maybe a nicer gp would bond with him? Or a baby one.

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