Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

Help us find forever homes for adoptable pets every week on Star 101.3's Furry Fridays


Furry Fridays: Help These East Bay SPCA Pets Find Forever Homes!

Check out these pets along with a ton of other amazing pets from East Bay SPCA who deserve a great forever home!

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Meet Edna Mode:

Edna is a sweet, love bug, of a dog. With her soft fur and soulful eyes, she captures the hearts of everyone she meets. Edna is a gentle soul who prefers the quiet comforts of home over the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

While she adores her family dearly, Edna is happiest when she has her humans all to herself. She thrives on one-on-one attention, relishing every moment spent cuddled up on the couch or going on a small adventure. Edna is truly content being the sole apple of her family's eye. Edna's unwavering loyalty and affection knows no bounds, and she's hoping to find that perfect family who will cherish her.

Meet Lola:

Meet Lola, an exuberant and lovable dog with a kind soul and a unique condition that makes her even more special. Lola occasionally experiences fainting-like episodes of muscle weakness triggered by strong emotions like excitement or happiness. Despite this challenge, Lola remains a loving and affectionate companion, eagerly seeking cuddles and playtime. While we know she'll demonstrate her zest for life by jumping for joy, she'll thrive best in a calm and supportive environment where she can enjoy the simple joys of life alongside her human family. If you're ready to open your heart to a furry friend who will fill your days with love and laughter, Lola is waiting to steal your heart.

Meet Charlie:

Hi! I'm Charlie, but you can call me Chuck. I am so glad to meet you! I love people, cheek scratches, lap time, talking and purring. The volunteers at the shelter say that I'm super soft! I'm also a curious cat who loves to play games. If you're looking for a friendly and fun cat then you're in luck! Come meet me and find out for yourself just how soft I am!

Meet Kiki:

From Kiki's perspective, she enjoys the best of both worlds. She adores attention and affection from her favorite humans, reveling in gentle pets and chin scratches. But she's also a creature of habit who values her quiet moments of solitude. Whether she's basking in a sunny spot by the window or retreating to a cozy corner for a catnap, she treasures her alone time as much as she treasures the company of her loved ones.

Kiki's independent nature doesn't mean she's aloof-far from it! She's a loyal and loving companion who forms deep bonds with her human family. She may have a sassy streak typical of tortoiseshell cats, but beneath that feisty exterior lies a heart of gold.

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