Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

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Furry Fridays: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Pets Need Your Help!

Check out these pets along with a ton of other amazing pets from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue who deserve a great forever home!

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Meet Chef:

Big boy Chef is the Fonz of dogs. He knows he’s cool, rides a motorcycle, and is played by Hollywood legend Henry Winkler. Chef is confident, gentle, and respectful – you’ll never have to worry about him stealing the mic from you when you’re trying to make a speech. And he’s ever so gracious about signing autographs and taking selfies. This top dog is a grade A sweetheart. All together now: YES CHEF!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Part mutt, part mini pig – you may hear snorts and snuffles. He’s a heavy breather who snores when he sleeps. It really is the cutest thing EVER! Loves sleeping in crates with the door open and will follow you around like true Velcro dog. He wants pets all the time if you are not busy. He is the true definition of a lovebug.

Chef would love to hang out on the couch with you but needs some assistance to get up and down. He is known as the door dasher. He tries to dash out the front door but not smoothly. He tumbles off the entryway step every time he tries to dash out. Surprisingly he does seem to be able to get out even when being careful (uses his chunk to push his way through).

Does have to pee every couple hours. He does like to play with my big dog in bursts in the yard but quickly runs out of energy. This boy tries his best to keep up.

Meet Marty:

Who’s calling Marty a senior? We think he acts like a much younger pup! This silly boy has a lot of pep in his step and loves going for adventures. He doesn’t let his vision impairments slow him down one bit! Not only is Marty super friendly with people, he loves to make doggie friends. If you’re looking for an affectionate, active lovebug, Marty may just be the one for you!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Marty is housebroken. He figured out how to go out to the backyard and has relieved on his own if needed. Marty is a great walker. He walks with a lot of pep in his steps. He sleeps most of the time when indoors and nothing exciting is happening. Marty is comfortable with everyone in our household. He is easy with other dogs and can see (enough to maneuver himself all over the house and up and down from sofas and beds). He loves to follow us around the house because he is super curious and enjoys being with us.

Marty seems to be good with all humans. Marty loves to be held.. He loves getting scratches on his belly and chin. He does whimper for attention sometimes. He likes to be with his human or other doggy friend at night. A gentle pet and he will settle down and go to sleep.

Overall, I think he will make a great pet. He has a lot of life and spunk left in him. He deserves it and I wish that for him.

Meet Platinum:

Elegant and sweet, Platinum is a beautiful chihuahua that has a luxurious silver and beige coat that looks like velvet!

Although opulent on the outside, Platinum is a little delicate on the inside and is looking for the perfect pal to help her gain her confidence. Once you earn her trust you will be rewarded infinitely! Platinum does have her own standards when it comes to how she is treated and who she shares with.

Honestly, we love an outspoken queen who knows what she wants and asks for it! However, this does mean Platinum would love a home where she is the solo doggo, or may do well with another mellow dog, as well as a home where everyone understands that dogs have boundaries too (no little ones, sorry). If this lovable lady matches your vibe, come meet Platinum and let her enrich your life! She is such a sparkling pup!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Platinum is a sweet and delicate little cuddle bug. The only thing she loves more than curling up on your lap or under a cozy blanket, is curling up on your lap WHILE under a cozy blanket! She bonds easily and is very affectionate with her person, but is shy around new people and in new environments.

She is very affectionate and bonded closely with me right away. She’s a little on the protective side when it comes to her owner and her house. She may let out a few choice words when she hears people going in and out of the apartment but she wouldn’t harm a fly.

She loves GG Park and is never aggressive in any way while on the lead towards anyone/mammal. Very curious and a joy to walk. I let her sleep in my bed and she loves to burrow under the duvet and sleeps like a champ. She will definitely sleep in late if you can!

Such a lovebug.

Platinum would love to live in a quiet home where she can be queen of her castle. If you’re looking for the perfect little lovable lap dog, Platinum might be the one for you! She’s special!

Meet Dr. Seuss:

Great news, Dr. Seuss’s adoption fee has been covered!

Our Dr. Seuss is named for one of the author’s lesser known characters: the Leggy True Boo of MinPinAroo, a high-spirited imp with an infinite capacity for fun. In the book he’s a gigantic blue marsupial. In real life, he’s an itty bitty chocolate brown min-pin with red spots and splashes. He’s a Guys! Guys! Guys! guy who bounces, skips, sambas and break dances through life, kissing, playing, and leaping into laps. He stops and rolls for tum rubs, snuggles and high fives. He takes walks and hikes, sometimes more than once a day. The technical term is "active senior. The reality is “peppy loverboy with puppy vibes and a taste for adventure”. Adopt him and have it all!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

We have had the pleasure of fostering Dr. Seuss or "Doc as we call him. Initially he was nervous but by the third day his cute little personality came out and began to shine! He loves to completely bury himself under blankets! He loves going for walks and enjoys playing with toys… for a few minutes anyway. What he really loves is cuddling with his person, basking in the sun and snuggling under soft blankets. He sleeps through the night and goes potty outside.

He has definitely made himself at home and has settled comfortably into a routine. His favorite time of day…Mealtime! He gets so excited, jumping and barking…he can’t contain himself. No picky eater here! He takes himself outside to our backyard to lounge in the sun…total sun worshipper. He does enjoy playing more with toys than he was previously and entertains us nightly!

Doc enjoys meeting new people and will demand pets and belly rubs from all. He enjoys his walks and can hike for over 2 miles without breaking his stride. He does get overly excited when seeing other dogs walking…we try to distract him or if that doesn’t work, we just scoop him up. It is a work in progress, but easily manageable. While he does enjoy being the one and only, he has recently positively interacted with our very large, but calm and submissive grand dog and did well as long as he was NOT on a leash. After meeting, we were able to walk them both together with no issues. He is very sweet and loving and was great with my grand daughter…could not get enough of her!

Doc is a very happy and versatile boy. He would love to go hiking and on adventures and rides well in the car but is equally content snuggling on the couch. While he would never choose to be without his person, he is fine at home on his own. He has no problem with that. Pictures and descriptions just cannot convey how special little Doc truly is. Once you meet this little guy in person, you will know you just found your new best friend!

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