Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

Help us find forever homes for adoptable pets every week on Star 101.3's Furry Fridays


Furry Fridays: Help These Humane Society Silicon Valley Pets Find Homes

Check out these pets along with a ton of other amazing pets from Humane Society Silicon Valley who deserve a great forever home!

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Meet Flower:

Are you looking for a sweet girl that can keep up with your active lifestyle, then cuddle on the couch with you at the end of the day? How about a goofy, silly pup with lots of love to give?

Let me introduce myself! I'm Flower, aka Hiker Extraordinaire, and I'm looking for a friend to take me on lots of adventures and teach me plenty of tricks! I can be a bit shy at first, but once I get to know you I'll show you my sillier side. I'm also great at communicating what I want - I reach for you when I want more pets, and I'll guide you towards where I'd like to go on walks. If you have cheese, though, I'll do whatever you need! Since we'll probably have lots of outings, you might like to know that cheese and hot dogs will help me get into the car, and once I'm in the car I have a blast!

My dream family gets out and about pretty frequently and has adults or teenagers who are comfortable with large-breed girlies like me. I do love hanging out with other dogs who are about my size and energy level, as long as they're pretty polite - if you have a friend for me at home, I'd love to meet them! Cats, though... let's just say I don't think they'd make the best roommates.

I've had an opportunity to get out of the shelter a few times with our wonderful volunteers, and here are some of my rave reviews:

"She is very affectionate. She listens to me right away when I asked her to come or do anything! She loves playing with water and playing with settings on the water hose!"

"When we got to [the park] Flower immediately found a patch of grass to roll around in, she's also the daintiest eater I've ever seen!"

"After we had spent a little time together, Flower would sit near my feet and lean into me. It was also cute when she stopped and her ears perked up to listen to some bullfrogs in the lake"

Meet Petey:

Hey there, my name's Petey and I'm READY to be your new adventure bud! Are you looking for a friend to take on a hike, play in the lake, then grab a puppuccino and lay in the grass for some belly rubs? Maybe someone to go on those long walks on the beach together? How about a super cuddle-bug? I might just be your guy.

SO. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a little shy at first, but I warm up to people super quick and after that I'm an affectionate pup. My foster parents say I love to be near my human pals, either in the same room or hanging out together on the couch. I'm a big bouncy guy, so my ideal home will have adults and potentially older kids to play with all day long. In particular, I love short play sessions of fetch or tug, or playtime with plush squeaky toys. Do you have another dog? There's some dogs I really like - if you have another dog at home, I'd love to meet them before going home! When it's time to go on all our adventures, I do great in the car and lay right down. My friends at the shelter have taken me on excursions to the park, to the lake, around town, and they always have great things to say when I come back. They think it's particularly cute that I enjoy my time sunbathing and playing in the grass!

How about it? If you're ready to say hello to a new member of your family, come make an appointment to meet me today!

Meet Snoopy:

Why is Snoopy so special?
Snoopy is so adorable. He's a really good, mellow doggie. He loves naps and treats. He isn't a fan of cats but a HUGE fan of people! He would love nothing more than a nice lap to curl up in.

What is his quirk?
He may be 10 years old, but he looks and acts like a pup half his age! He walks wonderfully on leash and short rides in the car.

How does Snoopy show his love?
Snoopy LOVES to cuddle and give affection. He is the definition of a lap dog!

Snoopy is more than just a senior dog; he's a good boy looking for his forever home.If you are ready for cuddles, walkies and the joy of seeing a sweet boy get a second chance at happiness, Snoopy is the perfect match for you!

Meet Iris:

Iris is a sweet cat who takes some time to warm up to new people. Despite her initial shyness, Iris loves gentle pets and is a big fan of puree treats. Once she's comfortable, she'll lean into pets and purr, and she also enjoys the company of other cats. This sweet girl is looking for a peaceful forever home where she can play with a feline companion and enjoy the company of some gentle, kindhearted people.

PLUS - this Saturday, June 1st, is CA Adopt a Pet Day - all adoptions will be sponsored that day, so any animal can go home for free at Humane Society Silicon Valley!

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