Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

Furry Fridays On Star 101.3

Help us find forever homes for adoptable pets every week on Star 101.3's Furry Fridays


Furry Fridays: Help These Hopalong Pets Find Their Forever Homes!

Check out these pets along with a ton of other amazing pets from Hopalong who deserve a great forever home!

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Meet Baxter:

Meet Baxter, a charming and affectionate 3-year-old Pitbull with a heart as sweet as his nature. This lovable pup is on the lookout for his forever home, where he can share his boundless love and playful spirit.

Baxter's striking appearance is complemented by his endearing personality. With his expressive eyes and irresistible smile, he's sure to capture the hearts of anyone lucky enough to meet him. Despite his breed's misunderstood reputation, Baxter breaks the stereotype with his gentle demeanor and friendly disposition. He does prefer to be the only dog in his new home, since he loves humans and wants all the attention to himself. At just three years old, Baxter is bursting with energy and enthusiasm. He enjoys outdoor adventures at Happy Hound Doggie Daycare where he's currently being fostered! If you're looking for a devoted and loving canine companion, consider giving Baxter the forever home he deserves. This sweet Pitbull is ready to shower you with affection, laughter, and a lifetime of cherished memories. Open your heart and home to Baxter, and you'll discover the true meaning of unconditional love.

Meet Jackson:

Meet Jackson, a delightful ball of energy who's bound to keep you on your toes. This adult dog is as playful as they come, with a zest for life that's truly contagious. His goofy antics are sure to bring a smile to your face, while his curious nature makes every day an adventure. Jackson is a social butterfly among other dogs, especially those who match his playful spirit. He's always ready to make new friends and explore the world around him. Adopting Jackson means gaining a loyal companion who will fill your life with joy and laughter. His energetic personality is perfect for active families or individuals looking for a fun-loving furry friend. Bring Jackson home and let his playful spirit brighten your every day.


Meet Seamus:

Our big boy Seamus has been on quite the journey lately, showing back up at Hopalong barely able to get to his litterbox or jump, due to his larger size. Now, after many attentive weeks in foster, he's lost a few pounds and he's becoming more mobile and active! He is well on his way to a healthier adult cat lifestyle and just needs to find his new people that will firmly decline his requests for extra portions. Overall, he is a sweet loverboy and has a humble way about him that is hard to resist. What he is no longer allowed in extra calories, he will gladly accept now in loads of extra love!

Meet Watson:

Meet sweet Watson with his goofy underbite. This little boy was adopted as a small puppy, but was recently returned by his family after about a year. Things didn't work out with his first family, but this special little love bug is sure to make the right family very happy.

Watson will do best in a calm environment where he's given the love and attention he deserves. He'd enjoy an all adult household, or a family with one or two dog-savvy, older children who have chiller energy (around 10 years old and up). He currently enjoys playing with his 12 year old human sister, though he's slightly wary of his very energetic and noisy 9 year old human brother.

Watson is currently being fostered with two much larger dogs (~65+ lbs). He had to get used to meeting other dogs, and to learn not to be scared of them. He could be an only dog or part of a pack. Watson developed a few fear based bad habits in his past (mostly guarding behaviors), but is taking redirection and retaining very well, and becoming more confident every day.

Watson is good on a leash, is housebroken, sleeps quietly through the night snuggled up on his foster parents bed. He would blossom under an experienced dog owner who could help this snaggle toothed little guy bloom into his best self!

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