California DMV To Allow 1.5 Million People To Get Mobile Driver License

Utah Tests Mobile Drivers License Pilot Program

Photo: Getty Images North America

According to KSBW 8, the California DMV is now allowing 1.5 million people to get a mobil drivers license. It's super easy, just download the CA DMV Wallet app on your smartphone, take a picture of your real ID — front and back — and upload it to the app to get the mobile Drivers License. The mobile license will not replace your Real ID but it can be used at:

  • San Francisco International Airport
  • San Jose International Airport
  • Los Angeles International Airport
  • Las Vegas and Phoenix airports

See a full list of airports that will accept the Mobile Drivers License here! Some restrictions include, not being able to show it to the police if you are pulled over. Director of the DMV, Steve Gordon says,

“What the California Legislature wants us to do is to run the pilot, get some experience, understand privacy concerns, security concerns, the operational concerns, and then report back to them to let them know how it went and what we learned and how to improve the program as we iterate through different releases,”

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